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Merits of Indian culture were given only passing references and the demerits, if any, were coloured with utmost exaggeration. Thus the native scenario faced by the youths had much to make them ashamed. Though the sixties and seventies witnessed hectic political activities in the institutional campuses with energetic participation of youths, this political influence also waned away in course of time and youths today even hesitate to cast their votes.

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Now, at the dawn of a New Millennium, with our burgeoning population crossing the one billion mark, the present day culture of the younger generation is worth analysing. In contrast to the monolithic viewpoint in the pre-independence era, youths today represented diversified ideas. Some of them nourish great values and ideals and an concerned about themselves and the society.

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Youth Of Today's classic video for "No More", the track that put vegetarianism on the straight edge hardcore map. There's probably a few versions of this video up here, but I was thinking my version just might be slightly better quality. If not, here it is anyway.Thus, an entire generation of young people today believe truth is not true for them until they choose to believe it. They believe the act of believing makes things true. Once they believe, those things will be true for them only until they choose to believe something else. As soon as something more appealing comes along, they are likely to begin believing that — whether it is biblical or not.Since 1999 the Youth Of Today Society has been working with high risk youth developing youth programs that have a positive impact on their lives. YOTS provides a Drop-In Centre for youth between the age of 15-24 serving nutritious meals from 5:30 - 6:30 Monday through Friday.The domestic cultural commonsense of India which is heterogeneous in character is being marginalised and is substituted with popular Western culture. This sinister attempt to establish cultural imperialism has started paying dividends as the youths today have imbibed a superficial sense of modernity by adopting the Western life style and imitating the exotic values.
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How then does this mission relate specifically to youths who are convinced that what is true is what works right now? According to Paul, Christian faith springs from Christian hope (Col 1:3-5). This means one becomes a true Christian when he puts his faith in Christ to lay hold of the eternal hope made available through His death, resurrection and ascension. So if one "receives Christ" for any reason other than for the forgiveness of sin to obtain this hope, no matter how well Christianity works for him, he is doing so for the wrong reason. Youths today are more likely to receive Christ for the right reason if they can see how believing in the eternal hope works right now.

But the young of today are worse than preceding generations. This is the depressing conclusion of a survey by the Left-wing think tank Demos.

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Human life flourishes only when the individuals rise above their selfish and sectarian interests and discharge their duties as integral units of the society. But the youths today critically lack this social consciousness and have become increasingly selfish. They have compromised a lot on value like honesty, hard work, honouring the family and its traditions and morality.

5, 6. (a) When did Timothy’s advancement begin to be manifest? (b) With regard to making advancement, how can youths today imitate Timothy?

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In response to a questionnaire, a youth in a Malaysian church said: "Yes, what is true is what works for me." Hence a youth may become or remain a "Christian" not because he believes that the claims of Christ are true, meaning real, but only because going to church "works for him" for now. What is it about going to church that works for many youths today? As Josh puts it, "kids today place a premium on spiritual things and meaningful relationship." That means youths may become or remain "Christians" just because going to church happens to meet their need for spirituality and community.