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We recommend choosing courses during your Term Abroad in light of your interests as a track elective or in fulfillment of Yale College Distributional Requirements. Economics courses taken abroad may count toward the major only if Yale's Economics Department reviews them as comparable to Yale's offerings, which is rare. Courses are approved only with the express written permission of the DUS. Under no circumstances can another course substitute for the core courses or senior capstone.

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Can courses required for Global Affairs also count for my Yale distributional requirements

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In addition to working toward Yale College Distributional Requirements, it is highly recommended that prospective Global Affairs majors to take Intro to Microeconomics and Intro to Macroeconomics in their freshman and sophomore years. It is our strong recommendation is that majors and prospective majors take GLBL 121 as the quantitative methods requirement, prior to taking the Development Core course, though this is not required before admission to the major.

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nor may credit earned in a graduate or professional school course apply to Yale College distributional requirements
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