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Many different types of creative writing exist including custom-written creative essays, term and research papers, creative narratives, poetry, monologues, screenplays, etc. Creative means using the imagination. Brainstorming and the journalistic six are great ways to begin creative writing. beginning with an anecdote that grabs the attention of the reader and continuing until the end. Always proofread and rewrite the creative essay or other types of creative writing. Remember creative essay writing is to be enjoyed by both the reader and the writer.

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Many instructors assign creative essays. When the instructor says to write a creative essay students often build a writer's block that makes it difficult to create an essay. One way to eliminate this writer's block is to brainstorm. The main goal of brainstorming is to help the writer select different ideas. Sometimes an instructor assigns a specific topic and brainstorming helps the student think about what he/she already knows about the topic. Let the ideas flow freely. Next, think of ways to improve, modify, and build on the ideas. It is important to come up with several ideas so any of them can be chosen for the essay. Remember that creative writing is using the imagination so coming up with bizarre ideas are accepted. For instance, if the topic assigned is dinosaurs. Creative writing allows the student to select different types and then use his/her imagination to write an interesting story about dinosaurs.

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How to Write a Creative Essay. Often when students think of essays, they think of the five paragraph style of essay taught during grade school. However, not all ...

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It may help if you make notes before you start writing. Write down your main ideas – just a few, only 4 or 5 main ideas, then near each of them write examples that would explain them to the reader. Only after that, start writing your creative essay, starting from your best idea.

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