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Professor Kulkarni also worked with Professor of Philosophy Gil Harman to create and teach the interdisciplinary course ELE 218/PHI 218: Epistemology and Learning Theory. Professor Kulkarni has five E-Council Excellence in Teaching Awards, including one for the very first class he taught at Princeton. Professor Vanderlick noted that Professor Kulkarni clearly has the most important trait for a teacher, which is that he values his students’ opinions and education above all else. She cited an example that she said “describes perfectly his dedication to teaching.” When writing a brief biography of himself, Professor Kulkarni mentioned his E-Council awards, which are given by the student body, in the same sentence as a very prestigious research award.

They are not writing a report; they are writing a brief biography

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I am currently working on writing a brief biography of my father'swork, for which I am having to rely 99% on the information in thesearchives,and am seeking help from others who may be able to fill gaps in theinformation available to me.

along with writing a brief biography and history on their character

Then begin writing a brief biography of the person—the facts of V the character’s life, without interpretation. Include such things as the meaning of his name, when and where he lived, and his family background. Record any unusual influences or environmental factors that shaped his life and thinking, as well as his occupation and his contemporaries and associates. What were the major events in his life? Mention the growth of his relationship with God, his crowning achievement and contribution, his influence on his nation and family, and anything else of interest about him.

Anyone can nominate a deserving person by writing a brief biography with reasons why the candidate embodies service above self, Allen said.
I was asked introduce my husband, Dr. Chris Jo, by writing a brief biography on his behalf. I hope to convey to you his passion for his specialty, his determination to provide optimal care, and his compassion for his patients. I also hope to familiarize the public with the scope of practice in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.When Maybee and Mykytiuk met with the Pedagogic Inquiry Group (PIC) the idea of working more closely with ASC surfaced. Maybee stated, "It was in this group meeting that the idea of having ENGL 106 students work with archival materials first sparked excitement." Mykytiuk recognized the opportunity immediately and connected the PIC group leader up with Sammie Morris, and the ball was rolling. During spring semester ASC librarians and archivists worked with ENGL 106 instructors to incorporate into each of their assignments some aspect of archival research. Assignments ranged from writing a brief biography of a Purdue alumnus using sources in the archives, to writing about the history of a Purdue building or creating a podcast or research paper on a student tradition, such as Grand Prix. In all assignments students were required to locate, identify and use primary source materials from ASC to complete their projects.
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Follow the guidelines provided by the requestor of the description.

Complete prerequisites. RAs generally have prerequisites to complete before they can conduct research. These prerequisites vary from institutional review board training and criminal background checks to paperwork needed to receive credit or pay. You may also have prerequisites you would like students to complete for your laboratory, such as writing a brief biography for your lab’s website or reading research articles. Consider providing first-time RAs with a list of these prerequisites to complete at the beginning of the semester, perhaps even as a requirement for signing up for course credit. If a student does not handle this responsibility, it is a good signal that the student may not be successful as an RA.

As a result, writing a brief biography of Cao Xueqin, such as this one, can be quite challenging

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It is very difficult for a person to write about all the aspects and traits of a pious life of five hundred and ninety six years. It would certainly be a good fortune and happiness for me to include myself in the list of biographers by writing a brief biography of Shaikh Madar. To achieve this good fortune and happiness the life-sketch of Qutbul Madar is being presecuted.

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Biographies come in all different shapes and sizes, and one difficult thing about writing a biography is that each different aspect requires a different approach, and the same holds when writing a short biography. can be much more accessible and useful than an extensive one which will take a long time to read, it gives you an opportunity to communicate a great deal about someone without the reader having to put in too much work, and it allows you to include only what you think is crucially important. However there are a lot of difficulties which arise from writing a brief biography as well, the most obvious one being that you have to communicate a lot with only a few words, which is a challenging task indeed.