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Schools have a key role to play in the early identification of patterns of poor attendance and for taking action at an individual pupil, cohort, departmental and whole-school level. Systems and procedures for encouraging regular attendance should be clearly set out in each school's Attendance Policy and make clear links with the CAF windscreen, Curriculum, Behaviour, Health, Anti-bullying and Emotional Wellbeing Policies. The Attendance Policy should identify how individual cases are managed, how the school works proactively with parents and pupils to ensure that they understand why attendance is important, as well as include an escalation of interventions that will be used.

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Please read our that sets out our expectations, what good attendance means, our policy approach to holidays and absences, and why attendance is important.

Please note that new regulations came in to force in September 2013 and the College is not able to authorise term time holidays.

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Attendance is important for the development of students. We believe strongly in enabling all students to achieve. We aim to inspire the girls of today to become leaders of tomorrow and expect all parents and carers to support us in achieving this goal by ensuring their daughter attends school on time. Read our booklet for more information about why attendance is important and how we deal with absences.

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Have clear reasons why attendance is important to the academic integrity of your class/program

That is why attendance is important

We need to focus on the positive message of why attendance is important

Is that a good reason why attendance is important at conferences

It helps families understand why attendance is important, and how to be proactive about missed days

the book (another reason why attendance is important!)