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The structural violence definition that is commonly agreed upon is violence that is the result of a social structure or social institution that keeps people from their basic needs. When determining what is structural violence, you can often think in a few easy ways.

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What is Structural Violence and how is Structural Violence affecting society today?

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What exactly is Structural Violence? The Supreme Being created a perfect world for all of us. He provided enough resources for all of us. All of us earthlings endowed with intellect are created equally. There is a fine, if not almost perfect, structure and system on earth. There is an order governing all of us (St. Thomas Aquinas, a renowned Philosopher and Theologian, explained this in his fifth way of the proof of the existence of God).

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What is Structural Violence?
what is structural violence

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What is structural violence? How does this affect our quest for peace? Can we escape structural violence? What can we do to soften or mitigate its impact.

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What is Structural Violence

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