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And for the seventh time in nine years, he received the student council's award for outstanding teacher of the year in the Wharton Evening School.

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Kathleen "Kathy" Ann LaMar ('12P) is a 1988 graduate of the Wharton Evening School, University of Pennsylvania, and harbors a secret passion for writing. She is employed by the Downingtown Area School District. Health and fitness are very important to her. She captains a USTA tennis team (4.0 level), which competed at 2012 PATD Championships with an undefeated season record. Kathy and her husband, Jim, a 2004 Penn State University alumnus, live in Coatesville, Pa., where he is self-employed as a computer consultant. She says, "We are thrilled with Alexandra's successful journey through JMU, culminating in her Bachelor of Business Administration Degree—cum laude!"

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A part of Mr. Neumann’s past which still influences his life today was the Depression. “When the Depression came about, people lost their houses because they couldn’t pay the bills for the newly installed streets. I was, at the time, at the Wharton Evening School for Accounting but left in 1937 to take over the family general store.

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Jeff received the Wharton Evening School's Outstanding Professor Award for 1989-1990.

Wharton Evening School, Instructor, Sep 1984 – May 1987

The Nelsons were married for 50 years and were active residents in the Philadelphia area, providing personal and financial support to a variety of community, charitable and religious endeavors. Mrs. Nelson attended the School of Social Service and worked for the Social Service Department of the University Hospital. Admiral Nelson was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Evening School and was the founder of the Philadelphia-based investment advisory firm, Delaware Investments. He also had served in the Navy in World War I and World War II, after which he continued his military service in the Naval Reserve, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral.

Hockenberry was Director of Wharton Evening School of Accounts and Finance from 1938 to 1964 [1]


A native of South Philadelphia, he is an annual participant Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run. Mr. Sabur attended the Wharton Evening School at the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Antioch University.

Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton Evening School, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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