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You must be in good physical and mental health and pass a Department of Defense qualifying medical examination. Medical standards are discussed in more detail in the West Point Admissions Bulletin and the West Point catalog.

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“Dr Carson did not seek admission,” his campaign manager admitted in response. A West Point admissions officer told Politico the academy had no records of a Carson application.

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CPT Charles Cook talks with us about his journey from student; to West Point; to the Air Force; to early retirement; then, back into reserve duty as member of the West Point Admission team.

BF: In that role, what do you have to make sure that potential applicants understand about West Point admission?

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A formal offer of admissions is possible as early as November for fully qualified, outstanding candidates who have completed all admissions requirements and receive their Congressional nominations. West Point admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, with the majority of offers of admissions announced by mid-April.

Brian Fisher (BF): You're an RMA alumnus and career officer. Tell us how you came from RMA to West Point admissions?

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In the third and final installment of our West Point video series, West Point’s Director of Admissions, Colonel Deborah McDonald, provides an inside look into the admissions process at West Point. Col. McDonald explains how West Point’s admissions process differs from that of other major colleges and universities and explains why applying to West Point makes financial sense for many families. She also discusses why students considering West Point need to begin the admissions process in their year. Col. McDonald offers encouragement for any student considering applying to West Point, making it clear that West Point admission is not just about test scores.

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5) Candidate may be offered admissions to West Point prep school if they are deemed to be qualified but lacking in academic proficiency. West Point admissions through the prep school is extremely favorable as long as the student completes the program with minimum passing marks