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According to published accounts of the event, more than 200 people showed up. The forum moderator, Vassar English professor Kiese Laymon, told the crowd he wanted the dialogue to be about activism and “not to be guided by cardboard notions of civility.”

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Jamily is a third year student pursuing her undergraduate degree at Vassar College. At Vassar, she is the president of the Latino affinity organization, Poder Latin@, and is the Lead tutor for VELLOP, the Vassar English Language Learner Outreach Program. As lead tutor, she works with local, typically Latino, students at the kindergarten, middle school and high school level, mentoring them inside and outside of the classroom. She is a first generation Dominican American from the South Bronx, studying Sociology, with an interest in education and Latin American/ Latino studies. In her free time she enjoys socializing with friends and family, drawing or sketching, and listening to music.

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On April 25th, 2015, Vassar English Language Learner Outreach Program (VELLOP) and La Voz Magazine will be hosting the Second Annual Spanish Spelling Bee located on Vassar College’s campus in the Aula building. Students in grades 4-8 are welcome to participate. now so that you can join the group study sessions once they begin. For additional information, please click to be re-directed to the VELLOP blog.

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A no-brainer, right? A is from Venus, B is from Mars. Yes, but not for the reasons you think. When the Israeli stylometricans, as they call themselves, study a text, they scrub it clean of everything that's ''topic specific'' -- in other words, no ''gown,'' no ''princess,'' no ''keg,'' no ''bullet-resistant.'' This is how sophisticated language analysts work these days. They ignore the obvious stuff and concentrate instead on the seemingly unobtrusive little tics that the writer and reader barely notice. The process is a little like identifying Tom Wolfe by ignoring his suits and his spats and concentrating instead on his socks, but it gets results. Seven years ago, for example, Donald Foster, the Vassar English professor and self-styled ''forensic linguist,'' fingered Joe Klein as the author of ''Primary Colors'' from Klein's use of punctuation and adverbs. And, like I was saying, I was still trying to take writing courses, but, of course, I couldn’t get into any of them. So by the time my senior year rolled around, I figured I’d be doing an academic thesis. Vassar English majors had to do a senior thesis. I was all prepared to do a thesis on “The American Private Investigator as a Means of Social Commentary: From Chandler to Parker.” And, of course, I’d submitted for the creative class, again, but had fully expected to get bounced. Instead, I got in.
Adapted from statements by Eleanor Courtemanche, Harry Shaw, and the Vassar English Department.

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At first, the Vassar English Major had no real sense of direction, trying on different hats at the UN and in the children’s book department of Rand McNally. During her search for her destiny, she kept in close contact with her musician friends, which eventually lead to the discovery of her unequivocal calling: “A friend observed my enthusiasm when I heard my friends perform and told me that I truly believed in these musicians. So I decided to do something about it.” Photo by Alfred Statler:

Don Foster, the Vassar English professor who unmasked Joe Klein as the author of Primary Colors.

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Henry Cavill, in a promo shot from 'The Tudors'. I had to choose this photo because my Vassar English Professor, Professor Darlington, would have so much to say about the phallic imagery of the sword.

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Houseman, once a Vassar English professor, was best known as a movie producer/director/writer who had starring roles in such TV programs as "Paper Chase" and "The Winds of War."