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One of the greatest threats to a successful home school is undisciplined children. If the children are out of control, summer is a good time to concentrate on bringing your children under authority.

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The rod and rebuke bestow wisdom, but an undisciplined child brings shame to his mother.

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2. The usual conclusionsfrom the 'research' on smacking are completely invalid. They are worthless inthat, at the very best, they only take into account the effects on thechild being smacked. They take no account of the long-term effects of denying parents theopportunity to smack as a sanction. They take no account of the parentsthemselves, of the other children in the family, of their personal situations,of the particular circumstances resulting in the smack, of the differencesbetween children, or of the rest of society insofar as it might be seriouslyaffected by having hordes of undisciplined children running around happily andwantonly growing up into relatively undisciplined adults.

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Interestingly, this complaint of wild and undisciplined children – which implies lax parenting – seems to go hand in hand with a contrary trend – of children who are over-scheduled and constantly supervised, whose lives are filled with after-school activities, who are picked over by anxious alpha-parents who monitor their development with an obsessive, almost scientific closeness.

A spanking and a warning produce wisdom, but an undisciplined child disgraces his mother.
This is the part of child-rearing people don't like to discuss, because socially, it's not OK to dislike kids. The ugly truth is it's the spineless parents who parade their undisciplined children around like royalty that make people dislike kids. Many undisciplined children are really frustrated by a lack of proper stimulation and an inadequate opportunity to achieve. Young children become happier and more self-controlled after a period of time in a Montessori classroom. They experience challenging tasks, which not only absorb their energies, but also result in a sense of achievement.
It is very hard to deal with undisciplined children, especially when they have parents who do not discipline them.

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Many teachers across the country complain about the loss of learning in public school classrooms due to undisciplined children who come from dysfunctional homes. Their parents are children who have children, are usually single parents, and uninterested in the upbringing of their hapless children. The greater percentages are minorities and they are poor. These parents send their children to school and expect teachers to control them because they cannot or will not. You do not have to be rich to teach children acceptable behavior and respect for their elders and peers.

No one wants to be accused of raising spoiled brats or undisciplined children, especially those who.

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I am sure my son would be diagnosed as ADHD if we had him tested. But we choose not to and have helped him instead with getting a healthy dose of fish oils and limiting distractions when he is working and needs to focus. It makes a big difference and I can tell when he hasn’t taken his fish oils for a while. I think the biggest problem America has is undisciplined children in the classroom. Children that were never taught how to respect authority fill the room and one teacher is expected to keep control. People shake their heads because we have four children, how can we possibly handle it? But one teacher is expected to handle 30?

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At times the lashing used to be imparted with a thick leather belt. This really hurt. Some creative teacher who really wanted the child to feel the whipping used to soak the belt in water so that it got stiff. It hurt a little more. Some teachers used a piece of stick or cane. One principal, Miss Signa Yorke, is said to have used a small paddle to impart her punishment on undisciplined children. However, what was the most dreaded punishment tool was the sash cord. This was a very solid rope used for flag raising and each teacher used to have a piece, perhaps three feet long, on his or her table. At the time of lashing they would double it so you would get a more solid lashing.