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If you're eligible, you'll be notified via the "To Do List" in , the online home for your student account. You should then complete and submit your UMUC Scholarship Application as soon as possible, as scholarships are awarded for the academic year on a first-come, first-served basis. The application deadlines are July 1 for the academic year or fall semester only and November 1 for spring semester only. You'll be notified if you're selected to receive an award.

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You must meet the minimum qualifications before you are invited to apply for UMUC scholarships.

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In addition to the minimum qualifications of grade point average and UMUC credit completion, most UMUC scholarships require additional criteria. Once you complete the online scholarship application, you are automatically considered for all scholarships for which you meet the criteria.

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Awarding of UMUC scholarships generally begins during mid-summer. You will automatically receive an acknowledgment letter upon completing the online scholarship application. Additionally, all students who submit the online scholarship application will receive correspondence regarding their scholarship award status.

Yes, it is possible to receive more than one UMUC scholarship during an academic year.
The UMUC Completion Scholarship will reduce tuition and fees for recipients from $273 per credit hour to an average of $199. The total cost of a bachelor’s degree (including the cost of the associate’s degree) for UMUC Completion Scholarship recipients will be about $20,000.UMUC scholarships are available to students based on merit and/or financial need. Award amounts vary by scholarship. Specially designated scholarships are available for undergraduate students, graduate students, community college transfers, students in certain academic programs, military servicemembers, veterans, military spouses, and more.In addition to the financial support, UMUC Completion Scholars will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive advising program with specially trained academic advisors who will work with each student to develop a plan and guide them through the journey toward completion of their bachelor’s degree.Find out how a scholarship helped UMUC student, Victoria Kelly, finish her education. Learn more about how you can apply for a UMUC scholarship: . Find out more about how you can help other students realize their educational goals: 1 Employees of UMUC and their dependents, as well as those who receive remission of fees from other institutions, are not eligible to apply for UMUC institutional scholarships or to receive UMUC institutional grants.Scholarship assistance gives deserving students a chance to succeed. Watch alumna Victoria Kelly discuss how a UMUC scholarship made it possible for her to complete her degree.
For more information about the UMUC Completion Scholarship and for details about how to apply, visit .

Like all scholarships, UMUC scholarship awards vary.

The will reduce tuition and fees for recipients from $273 per credit to an average of $199. The total cost of a bachelor's degree (including the cost of the associate's degree) for UMUC Completion Scholarship recipients will be about $20,000.

After your FAFSA information is received by UMUC, you may then submit the UMUC Scholarship Application.

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1 To be eligible for a scholarship through UMUC, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and a degree-seeking student at the university. Unless otherwise stated, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during the award period. Employees of UMUC, their dependents, and students who receive tuition remission from other institutions are not eligible to apply for UMUC scholarships.

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“Community college graduates are a solid investment because they have already invested in themselves,” said Javier Miyares, president of UMUC. “The new UMUC Completion Scholarship provides a well-deserved incentive to keep going and earn a four-year degree that will pay even greater dividends in the future—whether that is a new job, a promotion, or a whole new career.”