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Most uchicago econ Phd's have a hard time getting even great jobs in the private sector. They get their butts kicked by the finance/computer science/physics phd's in the hedge fund job market, and even by the Harvard/Stanford MBAs.

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Daniel Hedblom, a doctoral student from Sweden, was drawn to the UChicago economics program for the same reason as Xu. At first, though, “I actually did not know that much about experimental economics,” he said.

Austan Goolsbee Disses UChicago Econ Student!!!!

I hope everything is going well, this is Jamelle Williams, the Lane Tech wrestler from 2007. I am just writing to tell you about a basketball camp that I am help designing, as a part of an organization that I am deeply invested in on campus. Currently I am a mentor captain for Moneythink, which is a financial literacy organization where we mentor urban high school students on the south side about basic financial economics, budgeting, and entrepreneurship. This past June, we held the 2nd Annual Moneythink Young Entrepreneurs Conference, where our students composed mock business proposals to venture capitalists and business professionals. One pitch was made by two of my students, Hales Franciscan basketball standouts Patrick Miller, and Jamie Adams. They pitched the idea of Chicago Got Game, which is a basketball camp for varsity athletes which will incorporate Moneythink's values into the curriculum. Basically a camp that employs components of leadership and goal setting. Their idea was so tremendous that Moneythink has decided to make their plan come to life, and has already won over $2000 in grant money for the launch of the camp.

The camp will be held at the University of Chicago's lab school from 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM from Tuesday August 17th - Thursday August 19th. We have already secured former Chicago Bull Randy Brown, NU's All-Big Ten PG Mike Thompson (Lincoln Park standout), UChicago Econ professor Allen Sanderson, and members of Alliance of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. I am currently the director of outreach, responsible for recruiting varsity athletes to attend. With that said I was wondering if you could possibly write a blog post advertising the camp on the website. We are targeting urban CPS athletes but are opening up to any basketball players since it has been extremely tough to get in contact with varsity coaches.

I have attached the camp brochure for your viewing. It has more information about the camp, Moneythink, and the registration process, which is conducted online. If you could post some information on your website, endorsing the camp and encouraging participants, that would be absolutely wonderful and truly appreciated.

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Anybody know if that has a similar ideological orientation to the UChicago Econ dept

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As a UChicago Econ grad and fellow Jalopniker, i feel compelled to respond

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