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Sharing the University administration perspective about the Chapter and its place in the UCF community, Clay Coleman, UCF Director of Student Affairs for Fraternity and Sorority Life, said, "The Delta Iota chapter continues to embody the UCF Creed of Integrity, Scholarship, Community, Creativity and Excellence in all they do on campus and in the greater Orlando community. From their signature Get on the Ball philanthropy, which raises thousands of dollars each year for the Arnold and Winnie Palmer Children's Miracle Network Hospital, to their exponential growth in membership since inception in 2005, Delta Iota has set the standard for excellence in the UCF Fraternity and Sorority Community."

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And while both Skidmore and Chase are responsible for embodying the UCF Creed and representing the faces of UCF for one year, Chase said she is going to strive to always live out UCF’s values and bleed black and gold.

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Knight News should write an article about how UCF takes advantage of its decision making process and ensures that even when a fair decision is made, the higher ups can still alter results to their liking. This is not justice, this is pure corruption.
Way to ignore that the charges, statement, and testimony were all withdrawn by the alleged victim. This process to guarantee that an organization will be harshly punished even when considerable evidence is shown to support said organization is simply not fair and just. It seems as UCF’s “Golden Rule” is being broken…why make the UCF Creed include “integrity” when the university seems to act otherwise?
Student conduct should be ashamed in itself for displaying such poor, corrupt and simply disgraceful values through this bullshit process.

Short Version
As reflected in the UCF creed, integrity and scholarship are core values that should guide our conduct and decisions as members of the UCF community. Plagiarism and cheating contradict these values, and so are very serious academic offenses. Penalties can include a failing grade in an assignment or in the course, or suspension or expulsion from the university. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and follow the University’s Rules of Conduct (see ).Gumble attributes the academic success of the student-athletes at UCF to his staff's commitment to academic integrity and excellence, which are two of the tenets of the UCF CREED. The development of the Knight's Education Enhancement Program is also an important component to reaching new levels of success. More than 45% of UCF student-athletes participate in this state-of-the-arts mentoring program, designed to develop academic and time management skills for all new and at-risk student-athletes. The addition of the new learning specialist has helped in increasing the effectiveness of this program as has increasing the numbers and availability of CRLA certified tutors.The University of Central Florida has in order to get a handle on the multiple reports of hazing and alcohol abuse among frats, and that so, as the school puts it, "Greek culture reflects the values of the UCF Creed."
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Long Version
UCF faculty support the UCF Creed. Integrity - practicing and defending academic and personal honesty - is the first tenet of the UCF Creed. This is in part a reflection of the second tenet, Scholarship: - I will cherish and honor learning as a fundamental purpose of membership in the UCF community. - Course assignments and tests are designed to have educational value; the process of preparing for and completing these exercises will help improve your skills and knowledge. Material presented to satisfy course requirements is therefore expected to be the result of your own original scholarly efforts.

Ethics. Fosters a culture of integrity, trust, and respect, which is consistent with the UCF Creed.

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Academic integrity is so important to us that it is the first component of the UCF Creed, whichdirects students to "practice and defend academic and personal honesty."

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The yearly honor goes to select undergraduate students and UCF faculty or staff who represent one of the five pillars of the UCF Creed: scholarship, integrity, community, creativity, and excellence. Dr. Samsam received his award in a ceremony May 8.