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It’s also interesting to look at the man-made stuff perched on the top of the hill relating to the airport. A huge golf-ball like RADAR station, accompanying weather equipment and an auto-tracking security camera… though I’m not sure what it tracks! Still, I didn’t have too long, so I hurried back down the hill (running seems easier when you’ve got gravity on your side) and made it back to the hostel to get my large rucksack and stride off towards Champagnole.

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FPS Creator owners we're on the verge of releasing two new official model packs. They will include a variety of modern-day entities and segments (personal favourites of mine being the tracking security camera and bank safe!) Also stay tuned for news of an exclusive FPSC competition.

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I finally made a small breakthrough on the target tracking security camera. Normal analog CCTV cameras are mostly junk if you actually want to make out a face or license plate. Compact digital cameras are far superior for the money even though they are not intentionally designed for this purpose. The only drawback I was still facing with them was the fact that almost all of them have IR filters preventing the use of IR illuminators/IR Flash kits to help them see at night (a normal flash would bother the neighbors). Also, removing the IR filter is more and more difficult the newer the camera as they are pretty difficult to disassemble and reassemble without breaking something. Today I was finally able to remove the filter on a brand new Canon SX130 IS. A few details and pics are Now I just need to find the most effective 'IR flash' for the money. It may just end up being a IR illuminator that automatically turns on and then off when the shutter button is pressed.

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but could you meaby add a movement tracking security camera

I finally made a small breakthrough on the target tracking security camera

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