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i really need an idea for a this i believe speech. i origionally was going to do i believe luck isn't chance, but i couldn't lengthen it. Any similar ideas? o i also was thinking bout doing i believe in singing in the shower. Please help. Thanks!

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i really need an idea for a this i believe speech

I have to give a This I Believe Speech in my public speaking class and though 'Lets post this onto YouTube and make myself look like and idiot.' This is terrible quality, I know, it was taken with my phone XD I feel like being random and I haven't posted a video in a while, so why not post this? Enjoy laughing at me being a dork :D
Leave a comment on something you believe if you want, it could be anything: Santa, duck tape is the answer to everything, what ever you want. Even make your own video about what you believe.

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Morning Meeting (10:10-10:40): An enjoyable blend of This I Believe speeches, the alma mater, a few sports announcements and general “housekeeping” announcements. However, Morning Meeting is a nice way to break up the morning and bring the community together over a funny video announcing prom or an announcement by the theatric Mr. Ong recounting the struggles of few students brave enough to take on A.P. U.S. history or A.P. econ.

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