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Spoiler alert: If you intend to see the current Twilight movie, maybe don’t read this til later. After writing the love post this week I went to see Twilight: Eclipse – part of a bonding session with K, who is writing his thesis on feminism and film. The last offering in the series was fairly […]

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In crossing from the realm of criminology and radical victimology to the realm of feminist victim activism, we find rather different versions of the word 'victim'. In general, the relationship between feminism and the word 'victim' is extremely complex. On the one hand, feminism serves to remind women of their capacities for positive action and agency (or, to put it another way, to construct women as the bearers of these capacities). On the other hand, feminism aims to examine, critique and oppositionally counter the variety of ways in which women are constituted as passive non-agents in relation to men. The moral purchase of 'victim' can be irresistible politically, but at the same time calling oneself, or all women, or some women, 'victims' in the classic sense of the term can cede agency, court misrepresentation, and reaffirm a chillingly familiar image of feminine weakness. This last objection-the reaffirmation of weakness-is particularly significant to feminist victim activist definitions of the word 'victim', and the well known predilection for an alternative word, 'survivor.' For some, 'victim' simply denotes the dead: sufferers of fatal abuse. In accord with this, a 'survivor' is one who literally survives abuse. For others, 'victim' refers to "those who blame themselves, carry shame, or continue to let others victimise them". Here, a victim is one whose momentary victimisation has become an abiding aspect of their self-identity and social being. A victim's 'allowance' of further victimisation is linked to having blamed herself for her original victimisation. Self-blame lends victim identity a self-perpetuating character and makes victimhood a kind of mire one must work to escape. I will concentrate on this second definition of victim, and on the version of 'survivor' with which it is generally paired.

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As a graduate student in the 150-hour Program in Accounting, Rachel Crook has worked hard to distinguish herself as an exciting prospect after graduation, and she plans to sit for the CPA exam in February 2015 to become a certified public accountant. In addition to her time at the Rawls, she is active within the Honors College and currently serves as an Honors Ambassador. Rachel is working on her honors thesis on feminism and pop culture which will be published next Spring. She is also a member of the Honors Book Club and a regular participant at Honors Lunch Discussion. Outside the classroom, Rachel is a member of Texas Tech’s Triathlon team. During the academic year, she works as a teaching assistant for the School of Accounting. Over the summer, Rachel is showcasing the skills she learned in the classroom at her internship with ConocoPhillips.

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I even wrote my college thesis on feminism- Horror Movies and Feminism: The Final Girl as Hero

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1. This article is a revised version of a conference paper presented to The Australian Sociological Association annual conference at Flinders University, Adelaide in December 2000. I am most grateful to Chilla Bulbeck for enabling it to appear here. While the views presented are my own, I would also like to thank the article’s two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments, Brian Roper and Heather Brook for reading the paper and providing characteristically acuminous advice, and Peta Morris for her insightful conversation on the themes of the paper. The article is based on research for the doctoral thesis on feminism, victimology and ressentiment which I am currently completing through the Program in Political Science, RSSS, ANU.

I was awarded my PhD in June 2014 for my thesis on feminism in the novels of Florence Marryat

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My own blog, A Blog Without a Bicycle: Riding the Cyberwave of Feminism, started as a part of my M.A. thesis on feminism and social activism online. It lives on as a place for me to share resources and pop-culture critique as well as to build my professional career through the network and platform my weblog provides. Blogging has opened many doors for me – not only have I had the opportunity to meet fabulous feminist leaders and contribute to causes I believe in, I’ve also found myself tapped to contribute features, present on panels, and teach workshops on blogging and online activism.

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As mentioned above, there is considerable debate within feminism concerning the normative question: what would count as (full) justice for women? What is the nature of the wrong that feminism seeks to address? E.g., is the wrong that women have been deprived equal rights? Isit that women have been denied equal respect for their differences? Isit that women's experiences have been ignored and devalued? Is it allof the above and more? What framework should we employ to identify andaddress the issues? (See, e.g., Jaggar 1983; Young 1990a; Tuana and Tong1995.) Feminist philosophers in particular have asked: Do the standardphilosophical accounts of justice and morality provide us adequate resourcesto theorize male domination, or do we need distinctively feminist accounts? (E.g., Okin 1979; Hoagland 1989; Okin 1989; Ruddick 1989; Benhabib 1992;Hampton 1993; Held 1993; Tong 1993; Baier 1994; Moody-Adams 1997; Walker1998; Kittay 1999; Robinson 1999).