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The Seasons – The novel begins in the spring of Grendel’s final year of life and ends in the winter of the same year. whereas winter is a aging and death. Grendel ends in winter, it is appropriate that the glory of Hrothgar’s kingdom is diminishing and Grendel dies, therefore symbolizing the end.

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Although Grendel has been the title character and protagonist of the original Grendel series and multiple subsequent ongoing and limited series, he is not really a "hero," but is best classified as an "anti-hero." The original Grendel was an evil, murderous crimelord. He was opposed by "Argent," a man-wolf who worked with the police. This set up an inversion of the traditional super-hero comic book series, in which the protagonist is traditionally on the side of the law and/or morality.

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Hrothgar variant: King of the Scyldings: King of the Scyldings, he first appears in the story as a tall man in a long black beard who inspects the tree in which Grendel is trapped (Chapter 2). When Grendel shouts at Hrothgar and his men, Hrothgar throws an ax at the monster, who is finally saved by his mother. Hrothgar gradually learns that the secret to power is not killing your neighbors but collecting tribute from them and making them your allies. He also is smart enough to build roads to connect his fiefdoms and bring peace and order to formerly warring bands. Finally, when threatened by Hymgod of the Helmings, neighbors who are potentially more powerful than he, Hrothgar realizes that the solution to his problem is to accept Hymgod's offer of his sister, Wealtheow, as his bride. In the twilight of his rule, Hrothgar is subjected to the trials of various forms of political philosophy--from the traditional heroism of the feudalistic age, seen in his Hrothgar's subject Unferth, to the Machiavellian beliefs and anarchism of his young nephew Hrothulf and his mentor Red Horse (a pun on the name of the radical French philosopher Georges Sorel).

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But the thanes have their obligations too. (A thane is a warrior who has been rewarded by his king with a gift of land.) They must show undivided loyalty to their lord. Only in this way can the society survive, because the world depicted in Beowulf is a ruthless and dangerous one. The warriors must be prepared for battle at all times. Only in the mead-hall is there any respite from the dangers of the world outside. As Seamus Heaney writes in his introduction to the poem: "Here [in the mead-hall] is heat and light, rank and ceremony, human solidarity and culture" (p. xv). This is why the coming of Grendel is so traumatic for the Danes. They are being attacked in their own sanctuary.

Another predominate theme in Grendel is art. The shaper plays a huge part in this theme. Grendel is so enticed by the shaper that he wanted to part of his stories.

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