What is the theme of the poem "Richard Cory"

Ans:- The theme of the poem is that nature is always happy. Nature is never sad. It is always singing through the medium like grasshopper and cricket since the grasshopper sings in summer and cricket in cold winter.

What is the theme of the poem "Invictus"

What is the theme of the poem

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How does the rhyme scheme contribute to the overall reading and theme of the poem? Consider the effect of the rhythm, the consistency, and the speed of the poem.

What is the theme of the poem "A Psalm of Life" by H

Moreover, behind the atmosphere of quietness, there is hidden a real vision of horror: the main theme of the poem is actually a scene of fight, which is more than a romantic description of nature.

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The main theme of the poem is that of war and peace, and the whole poem is essentially a description of war and fighting. There is a sense of horror and futility built into 's chronicle, and yet, posed against the viciousness, there is a sense of heroism and glory that adds a glamour to the fighting: appears both to abhor war and to glorify it. Frequent similes tell of the peacetime efforts back home in Greece, and serve as contrasts to the war, reminding us of the human values that are destroyed by fighting, as well as what is worth fighting for.The rhyme structure is clean and each line rhymes perfectly with the next, the language is not at all complex, and the images are clear and unclouded by vague language or obscure symbols. This is important to the overall theme of the poem because it is representative of the ants themselves. When one looks at this poem initially, they see neat rhyming lines, brevity, and an unmistakable simplicity. The same is true with ants; most people see them running about on their various focused missions, but there is no seeming complexity to their actions, only a simple drive to take food back to the queen and then go get some more. By imposing human cultural rituals (such as the stately funeral and burial rites) on the lives of ants, Frost is suggesting that maybe people are a lot like these bustling insects when viewed from a certain vantage point. The point here is, both the poem and the lives of ants are deceptively simple. This poem is multi-layered and rich with vivid imagery, just as the lives of ants, when viewed closer and with more imagination become full of miniature stories and causes. The ants, like the poem, have purpose that is at once very clear and simple, but on closer inspection, there are a number of levels to the purposes and actions—everything is just put into more compact terms.
How does the rhyme scheme contribute to the overall reading and theme of the poem

The main theme of the poem is "Mother and child"

Now the appropriateness of the sonnet form becomes apparent. Iambicpentameter is a slow, dignified meter, contemplative and often sad; and thetheme of the poem is not lascivious dancing, but human dignity, not midnightgaiety but unobtrusive tragedy. The rhyme scheme of the sonnet is demanding andrestrictive; so also are the social and economic forces that have shaped thelife of the Harlem dancer. There is, then, no conflict between form and theme.

The last two lines then present the overall theme of the poem to the reader

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The first two lines present a central theme of the poem: that nature has been disrupted by man's "dominion." The third line presents a logical outcome when the situation is analyzed: an ill opinion is justified. But careful analysis is a human trait. The mouse simply reacts, and the short fourth line, with its interruption of the initial rhymes, presents a startled reaction. The fifth line returns to the focus of the stanza, humanity. In this case humanity is embodied in the plowman poet who is "poor" and the mouse's "earth-born companion." The final line, in its way as startling as its companion line the fourth, connects the mouse and poet directly.

The theme of the poem may be summed up in one phrase: it is better to journey than to arrive

What Is the Theme of the Poem for "The Sleepwalkers"

The theme of the poem seems simple enough; the present is not new but rather a reflection of the past. We can even say that history moves in circles and that what we see in the past, we will also see in the future. The speaker believes that the present, even though it never breaks with the past, brings a progression that " has been a source/ For great truths in spite of stammering" (p. 16). As history moves in circles, "Spires, rooted in the quagmires/ Of the human mind rise to purer lights/ And wing aloft a salvaged essence/ Transcending death, legacy of seasons "(p. 16). Time may move in circles but that does not mean that things fail to develop and grow as time passes.