What is the Value of Studying Military History?

Said Carey, “I am dedicated to making students aware of the value of studying history. I want them to know that this discipline prepares them for careers that transcend teaching, including holding legal, governmental, cultural, and business positions.”

what is the real value of studying world history

the Value of Studying Church History

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These two challenges don’t have to be addressed piecemeal or added to the long list of demands facing schools. Instead, they can — and perhaps should — be addressed simultaneously in an integrated approach that honors the value of studying history and the necessity of learning to write. Supporting and strengthening the teaching of history can improve literacy.

I am, however; going to argue for the value of studying history

This fascinating study demonstrates the value of studying history interms of localities in order to more fully understand those factors thatare often lost in larger historical studies. In his consideration of cottonproduction after 1810 the author clearly demonstrates that Warren Countyframers did not immediately see embrace cotton production to the exclusionof their other crops. Their decision to embrace cotton, and the slave laborsystem required to make it profitable came gradually as they tried to integrateit into a pre-existing and successful agricultural diversity.

What is the value of studying History
Studying history is embedded in our society; there are countless museums, castles, and heritage sites around the country, Michael Gove has said that “we will ensure that every child has a proper sense of the connected narrative of British history” proposing that history be a compulsory subject for all secondary school children. This must imply that there is a value to studying history. This is a wide question that could cover anything from the monetary value of studying history to the impact it has on present day trends and fashion. I will briefly talk about three of the values that studying history gives, these will be the skills that the subject teaches people, the decisions people can make with the skills gained and how studying history can create social identity.In discussing the legacy of the Civil War, the author Robert Penn Warren felt compelled to capture both the value and limits of studying history. It is not, he noted, “” because the present will never have exactly the same context as another moment in the past. History is also not a collection of facts, names, and dates as it is so often taught. The value of studying history is in studying a topic in order to answer an authentic question. Good inquiries dive into decisions or events of enduring significance allowing us to determine their impact and legacy and even to wonder: “what if?” Then, because history echoes throughout the ages, we can analyze these lessons for clues about the problems of today.Apart from its centrality to the study of History, Enquiry is also important because it’s at the heart of arguments about the value of studying History. Explicit focus on enquiry helps students, parents and school management see one of the important benefits of studying history – thinking and planning a way through a problem, asking questions, undertaking research, independent thinking, making judgments, effective communication. This is all the more important given the findings in the research of Richard Harris and Terry Haydn which concludes that ‘large numbers of [pupils] have a limited grasp of the intended purposes of a historical education …’A debate has been raging for more than a decade in Mormon intellectual (and in some not so intellectual) circles about the study of Mormon history. Beginning with Richard L. Bushman's 1969 article, from which the main title of this book is taken, to Edward Ashment's previously unpublished paper, "Historiography of the Canon," this anthology of 17 essays presents some of the major issues of the subject. It encapsulates well the stresses of Mormon historiography which essentially revolve around the long-standing merging of history and theology and the inevitable problem of historical interpretation not always matching previous faith perceptions. When historians have found that Mormon historical evolution has not been nearly so cut and dried as the faith story suggested, it had the potential of creating a theological crisis of conscience in thinking Mormons. This led many Mormon leaders to question the value of studying history with "functional objectivity," a goal of most professionally trained Mormon historians working in the post-World War II era.
The value of studying history is in studying a topic in order to answer an authentic question

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It is significant that the Chronicler’s History did not replace the Deuteronomistic History. Both are still valid and need to be read. In the end, the CH is evidence of a continuing historiographic tradition within the community of faith. Each generation needs to be reappropriate the past, and this in turn is evidence of the value of studying history to understand the present. Studying the CH enables us to see how retelling history in Israel grounded the changed identity of the Jews.

of the value of studying history can be extended across many policy fields

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Alice credits Arts Co-op for “the opportunity to see how Canadian history directly impacts government policy and legislation in the 21st century” and the value of studying History.

Said Carey, “I am dedicated to making students aware of the value of studying history

The study of history is vital to a liberal arts education

The ceremony concluded with presentation by Jesse Harrington, who was awarded the Student of the Year prize for each of his three years as an undergraduate student. Mr. Harrington, now a postgraduate student at the University of Cambridge, spoke warmly of his experiences as a History student in UCC and of the value of studying history.