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Back on the Green mile the "Indian" is executed and John Coffey heals a dead mouse in front of all the guards. Its no secret anymore all the guards now know that John Coffey is a Magic Nigger. It just so happens that the wardens wife is suffering from a terminal brain tumor. The guards sneak John Coffey over to the warden's house one night and he heals her. Now even the warden knows about the magic nigger. During the next execution Percy deliberately sabotages the procedure so the Cajun screams and howls and eventually catches fire. The warden seeking an explanation asks Paul, " what in tha blue fuck was that!" Paul sarcastically replies, "that was a successful execution".

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The guards of the Green Mile are the most interesting characters from the counter racist perspective. Tom Hanks plays the head guard "Paul". In our "Racism =Prison" analogy, Paul would be the sophisticated White Supremacist. Paul understands the importance of posture and words in regard to running a prison System. He also sees the utility of keeping the inmates as calm as possible and not annoying them with unnecessary abuse such as name calling and random violence. This is in stark contrast to Percy Whitmore, a rather unsophisticated guard who constantly antagonizes and abuses inmates for no other reason than to feel good. Percy is the governor's nephew and as such is in a very privileged position. No matter what he does, he can't be fired. To a certain extent you are led to believe that Percy's hostile nature is due to repressed homosexual tendencies. Sharing the Green Mile with John Coffey are a Cajun and a Native American.

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