The best way to learn English through movies

Hanna / Australia
The best way to learn English is to make lots of friends who speak English. If you have a lot of friends who speak English, then it becomes a very interactive experience and you also have to learn more.

The best way to learn English through movies.

Which is the best way to Learn English as a Second Language?

What is the best way to learn English

George / United States
The best way to learn English, I guess it would just be by talking to people in English and just and keep going at it, and eventually you'll get it I think.

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Jess / United Kingdom
The best way to learn English I think would be to go to England or to an English native speaking country and live there for maybe for a year or two years. I learnt a lot of Spanish by having a Spanish boyfriend, so I would also recommend a close relationship with someone who speaks the language you want to learn.

Apparently, playing massively multiplayer online video games is the best way to learn English, according to a new report.
Tom / United Kingdom
The best way to learn English is go and live in an English country, take English lessons and get lots of English friends. , you just have to put in a lot a time and a lot of practice.Understand English step(by)step Much faster

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The best english movie 2
Always learn phrases
The best way to learn English through movies.

Hi everyone.
- personal (adj)
Don`t ask someone age.
That`s a personal question.
- editor (n)
The editor really likes the story
you wrote for the newspaper.
- salesman (n)
That salesman will try to sell
you some new books.
Let`s say these keywords together again:
- personal (adj)
- editor (n)
- salesman (n)
Personal question:
Do you like me?
The mission of the day is:
Who is Sara's letter from?
Small Town. Part 1.
B. Sara! How are you?
How's your boyfriend?
S. Betty, you know
I don't have a boyfriend.
B. I know, but you will someday!
Sorry, I ask too many personal questions.
S. I don't mind.
Guess what?
I just started a blog about life in Small Town.
B. Great!
Do you write about me?
S. Of couse!
I have to write about our town's postmistress.
B. And the editor of our town newspaper.
S. That's right!
Study the keywords:personal, editor.
Small Town. Part 2.
S. Did I get any mail today?
B. I don't know.
I'm just starting to put out the mail.
Look, here's a letter for Max.
It's from Rose Parker.
I wonder who she is.
S. I don't know.
B. I'll ask him when he comes in.
S. Good idea.
B. Here's a letter for you!
It's from your parents.
S. Great!
The answer to todey's mission is:
Sara's letter is from her parents.
Small Town. Part 3.
H. Hi,girls.
B. Hugh!
My favorite salesman!
What are you selling today?
H. Well, you know whenever I come to town,
I always bring something interesting.
S. We know.
H. Well, today is no different.
S. A book?
H. Open it.
B. Hey, there are no pages in this book!
H. That's right!
You don't read this book.
You keep things in it!
B. No thanks, Hugh.
H. Someday you'll buy something from me, Betty!
B. Maybe!
Study the keywords: salesman (n).
Conversation Replay.
Calendar Phase:
Pleased to meet you.
Girl. Hi. My name is Jan.
Boy. Pleased to meet you. I am John.
Girl. Pleased to meet you. Do you play table tennis?
Boy. Yes, I am on the team.
Girl. Oh! I am so pleased to meet you. I love table tennis.
Boy. Really? Are you good at it?
Girl. I'm OK. Do you want to play right now?
Boy. Sure, if you are ready to lose.
Girl. Hey, I don' t think so! I'm ready to win.

- personal (adj)
- editor (n)
- salesman (n)

Repeat a lot
The best of English Channel on YouTube
The absolute best way to learn English is to surround yourself with it

What is The Best Way to Learn English

It's never easy learning something new, like learning English for the first time. It's not an easy process, but with some guidance in the right direction you can be successful in no time. So here are the best ways to learn English:

What is the best way to learn English grammar

what is the best way to learn english speaking

Survey several of your classmates asking the following question: If a student were to ask you "What is the best way to learn English?" what would your answer be? Be ready to report your findings.

So what IS the best way to learn English grammar?

This is the best way to learn English

One of the best ways to make sure you learn English effectively and quickly is to have a native English-speaker always nearby to converse with. This can be a friend, relative, coworker, anyone. As long as they are an English speaker, you can use them as practice for your English skills. Ask them to be your study partner and have extensive, diverse conversations with them on many topics. Allow them to give you input on your strengths and weaknesses with the language. You can apply this concept to an even wider scope. Again, the best way to learn English it to use it: so go to an English-speaking store, see a movie in English with no subtitles, or bring your friend to a party where most of the individuals speak English. The wider and more diverse your range of exposure to the language is, the faster you’ll be able to adapt. Just remember: practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true when learning a language!