Go to the SVA Online Application for Graduate Admissions.

1. Call up your local SVA station to request an SVA application form, SVA1. A list of stations is available here See below for example answers to the SVA1 form questions.
2. Complete the form and return to them.
3. They will then send you details of the appointment date/time and may request further information from you, such as photographic evidence that the car has been built by you. You will also have to sign some declaration paperwork and send this back.
4. Attend the SVA appointment, once passed you will be given a MAC certificate.
5. Enjoy a beer and relax you've done the hard part.
5. Take a photo copy of this certificate as it's a real milestone as you will have to give it to the DVLA to get your car registered.

SVA Membership Application | Saint Leo University

SVA Application - American Council on Education

SVA Application - Nc State University

SVA application sudah masuk ke stage #2, tinggal ada beberapa perbaikan dan pengujian siap lanjut ke stage #3. Minggu ini baru melakukan test entri ke user untuk memastikan apakah UI-nya sudah nyaman digunakan.

SVA Undergraduate Application Requirements - Scribd

Filling in the SVA application paperwork can be a bit daunting for many people.
There is a service run by an ex DVLA employee called Paul Jepson who will do all this for you and the registration paperwork for about £35, this is certainly good value if you want to avoid any hassle, but if you want to save yourself £35 (which we all do after a long expensive build) and have the experience of doing all yourself below is some help on the process and filling in the forms for yourself.
Pauls details are .

My SVA application assignment.
SVA Application Forms

SVA College Application Portfolio

April 11 | Summer Residency Program at SVA Application Deadline

Malta SVA Inspection Application Form マルタ SVA 検査のための申請書

Click here to download SVA Application Form

nent to develop a new SVA application