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Question: High school seniors with strong academic records apply to the nation’s most selective colleges in greater numbers each year. Because the number of slots remains relatively stable, some colleges reject more early applicants. The University of Pennsylvania received 2851 applications for early admission. Of this group, it admitted 1033, rejected 854 outright, and deferred 964 to the regular admissions pool. Penn admitted about 18% of the applications in the regular admissions pool for a total class size of (number of early admissions plus number of regular admissions) of 2375 students (USA Today, January 24, 2001).

High school seniors with strong academic records apply to the

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End the year with a strong academic record

Academic accomplishments are very important, but not enough to get into dental schools. It is also important to demonstrate the validity of your interest in dentistry with experience in a health-care setting. Though it is not a stated prerequisite for dental school, it is a major factor that is considered in the admissions process. It is also beneficial to have some research experience. This will help you develop important skills in the experimental process, problem-solving, and data analysis. Such experience is especially crucial if you are seeking admissions to research-oriented schools or if you are considering a career in research. Additionally, it is wise to be involved in a regular extracurricular activity such as a sport, club or community service. Dental schools want to see that you can maintain a strong academic record while participating in campus or community activities. It is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate important characteristics such as service, commitment, leadership and responsibility. Note, however, that it is the level of your participation that is important rather than the number or variety of your activities.

A very strong academic record too

This is an integrated BA/BS and MA ("2+3") dual degree program in Mathematics: it is designed to provide an opportunity for mathematics majors at the University of Missouri-St Louis (UMSL) with a strong academic record to start earning graduate work credit before actually completing their undergraduate degree and to shorten, or accelerate, the time required as graduate students to earn their master’s degree. A student in this program can apply up to 12 credit hours of 4000-and-above level courses towards both programs.

Undergraduate degree minimum 3.6 GPA with a strong academic record from a leading university
When it comes to what college admissions counselors are looking for, there’s a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities, but a student’s academic record remains the most vital part of his or her college application. Aside from getting good grades, what can a student do to strengthen their academic record? Below is a breakdown of how college admissions counselors read between the A’s and B’s to determine what kind of a future college student they’re look at.The Pauline Katz Scholarship is a needs based award for undergraduate students enrolled in elementary education who show a strong committment to public schools. Students must have a strong academic record and are chosen by the school of education.
Incoming freshmen who have strong academic records as well as extracurricular or leadership ..

Rhodes University invites all students with a strong academic record

The original school buildings have some wonderfully traditional features, particularly in the chapel and dining hall, but these are complemented and supplemented by a well-equipped new block for IT and Physics, as well as good Art and Design facilities. The School’s consistently strong academic record and the quality of artwork on show does those facilities justice too!

A single C on an otherwise strong academic record can usually be overlooked

Possess a strong academic record (mostly As & Bs)

Students admitted to UIC- incoming freshmen, transfer students, or currently enrolled UIC students- may apply to the Honors College. Honors College students may pursue any undergraduate major.
Incoming freshmen who have strong academic records as well as extracurricular or leadership experience are encouraged to apply. Applicants submit three letters of recommendation and a high school transcript in addition to the application form. The Honors College invites selected applicants to campus for the second phase of the application process, including a one-on-one interview and impromptu essay.

Transfer students who have earned a minimum 3.4 grade point average are also encouraged to apply to the Honors College, as well as current UIC students who have earned a minimum 3.4 UIC grade point average and have at least three semesters left before graduation.

Admission to Economics requires a strong academic record, including demonstrated math ability

with the strong academic record the schools seek will be described

Your academic record includes your science GPA, overall GPA, grades in each class, and trends in performance. It is necessary to maintain a strong academic record for admissions into dental schools; in fact, it is considered the most important predictor of admission. Trends are important, as well, so it is best to demonstrate upward trends in academic performance over time.