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Dr. John G. Stoessinger is an internationally recognized political analyst and a prize-winning author of ten leading books on world politics. He holds a Ph.D. from ...

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Stoessinger’s most current book, “Why Nations Go To War,” was published in its eleventh edition in 2010. He is also the author of “The Might of Nations: World Politics In Our Time,” which was awarded the Bancroft Prize by Columbia University in 1963 and is now in its tenth edition.

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Stoessinger was the acting director of the Political Affairs Division at the United Nations from 1967 to 1974. He is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and lectures extensively throughout the world.

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San Diego, CA (special) --As John D. Stoessinger looks back upon WorldWar II, he remembers two nations with particular gratitude -- Japan andthe United States. This book reveals its theme firsthand in the chapter exploring the First World War. Stoessinger states that a leader’s perception of himself, his adversary’s character, his adversary’s intentions, his perceptions of the adversary’s power and capabilities and his capacity for empathy with his adversary are all extremely important (19) this is seen through out the book especially the first theme, a leader’s perception of himself. As well Stoessinger reveals how misperceptions are another factor to why nations go to war. Why Nations Go to War is a fascinating book written by John G. Stoessinger. He is more than qualified to write this book, not only is he involved in political affairs but he has lived through many of the world events discussed in his book. The chapters however, are not dealt with equally; the Vietnamese war seems to be over analyzed while the chapter discussing Saddam Hussein is not touched upon enough. It left me with many unanswered questions such as what exactly was operation desert storm. And what did Saddam Hussein really want out of the wars he started? Perhaps Stoessinger left this chapter vague because it deals more with the personality behind the horrendous activities that took place, rather than the wars themselves, unlike the war for Yugoslavia that explains exactly why it occurred.
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Stoessinger’s believes that understanding the major figures involved in wars is very important to understanding the causes and the extent of the war. This includes not only the leaders of the nations involved but their advisers and the generals and statesmen. Through out the book we see history through the leaders eyes and why they chose to go to war rather than another alternative.

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Why Nations Go to War (Paperbound) by Stoessinger, John G

Just prior to the beginning of World War II, Stoessinger fled from Nazi-occupied Austria to Czechoslovakia. Three years later, he went to China where he lived for seven years. In Shanghai, he served with the International Refugee Organization.

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