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I just received a letter from this company. They said that many of their products are labeled "manufactured in a facility...". But Starburst and Skittles are safe for pa people to eat.

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Where can I find the Starburst and Skittles coupons? Can’t find them anywhere.

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My child eats these all the time as his "safe" treat. I have been a little concerned about the gum tragacanth and gun accacia in some of his "safe" treats, but his allergist has said not to worry about it. I avoid the mini sizes of starbursts and skittles, just as a precaution.

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& Nerds – This demi-sec sparkling has just a hint of sweetness and a flavorful palate with accents of fresh strawberry, orange zest and honeysuckle perfect for pairing with fruit-driven candies like Nerds, Starburst or Skittles!

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starburst or skittles? | Yahoo Answers

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