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Also make sure that you follow the directions for the Stanford Art supplement submission to the letter, they are very strict about it. BE mindful of the deadlines for BOTH the Art Supplement and Entire Stanford application:

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I will return to the Stanford supplement and its essay prompts again soon. Check my site again in the next week. I also expect to post soon on some of the Ivies who have yet to put up their supplements. I guess they’ve extended their vacations over there at Dartmouth, et al.

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Academic projects are notorious for being expansive and challenging, requiring you to keep track of about a million different things at the same time and overall being very difficult and stressful, but this can get all that much more challenging if you have to deal with a funding issue. A lack of funding is one of the most common problems for these kinds of projects, and that’s what the Stanford is for. As a student at Stanford it can get pretty competitive and prestigious, and the Stanford supplement essays are no exception, you need to come up with the best possible if you want to have the best chance at getting accepted, and that’s what our professional service is here to help you do!

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I will be writing again to address issues raised by the Stanford App this year, but will end this post now by pointing out a specific problem with Stanford Supplemental Prompt 2: you are writing a note, not an e-mail or a tweet. The fact that this old-fashioned mode of communication–WTH? Paper?– is your model should caution you to avoid too many colloquialisms and–OMG!–watch the use of abbreviations and acronyms. You might work some in for humor, but use caution and consider your audience. We old geezers may not get it.
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I will be submitting a website for the Stanford Art Supplement this fall. I was wondering if anybody knows what Stanford's Art & Art History Dept. will look for when they evaluate my website. I find it a little confusing since I know they can't evaluate my programming abilities. So do they look at the overall design of the site? Any advice/insight would be helpful.

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The Stanford supplement essay is often a great source of worry, the viability of your project could be riding on it, and all we want to do is remove some of this worry, save you some time and work from your hectic schedule, and get you a quality of Stanford or that can really help in getting you the funds you need. You’ve got enough stresses and responsibilities in your life, so why not take a little off your shoulders while also giving your chances of getting the funds a boost, all with a few clicks at our professional service!

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Under a Stanford Medicare Supplement plan, Medicare is the primary medical plan for you and your dependents. You can go to any provider; however, you will have lower costs if you use a provider who accepts Medicare assignment. The Medicare Supplement plan pays benefits after you receive payment from Medicare.