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I also threw Table 11, the data about how we spend our leisure time into Excel and played around a bit. Below are two charts I found interesting. What I find most interesting is that the amount of time spent using the computer for leisure is much lower than I would have expected. I’m curious if anyone has a good explanation?

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This thriftiness has also affected how people spend their leisure time.


In the interest of the labor below we will present the obtained results through observations about gender differences in spending leisure time among our respondents (secondary school students). Firstly, we were interested whether there are differences between the genders in terms of the amount of leisure time. The nonparametric Mann–Whitney test indicates statistically significant difference (Z= -2.671, p

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Hi, My name is Saral and I've been in the dental field for over 20 years. As office manager I get to enjoy all aspects of helping patients understand, strive for, and maintain great dental health. Orthodontics in our office is very exciting. We get to see our patients achieve excellent and superior results that will last a lifetime. I was born and raised in San Francisco and moved to Pleasanton about 28 years ago. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, or a good book. I also like spending leisure time with my husband, our three grown children, and my two adorable puppies!

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Statement of Problem How do teenagers spend their leisure time in my community of Seaview Gardens. Kingston?.

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This thriftiness has also affected how people spend their leisure time. People are recalibrating their values on how they spend their leisure dollars and available leisure time. People are finding less expensive things to do with their leisure time, and in many cases finding them to be more rewarding with an appealing price/value relationship. One way people have found to maintain -- and even improve their relationships and connections with friends and family -- is to stay home.

Women who spend their leisure time increase their risk of cancers of the breast, ovaries and bone marrow

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We Reformed Christians live in this society and we are by no means immune to this influence. Our children and we parents and grandparents too are under constant pressure to conform to this philosophy of hedonism. Like it or not, but we too have more time for leisure than our forefathers ever did. We certainly can afford more things than the generation before us.Yet we should look at time, also leisure time, in a totally different way than the world looks at it. For us who claim to be redeemed by the blood of Christ, there should not be any question as to how to spend our leisure time. That time too has to be redeemed. For Christians, the Lord is also the Lord of our timeÑfree time as well as working time. This holds us responsible as stewards of the time He gives us.That man without God is often bored with his time need not surprise us. His boredom stems from the fact that his time is without content. God has given it content in Christ. The unsaved person does not and cannot see this. But for us who believe, this fact should control our whole lives as we live it coram Deo (before God). If pagan philosophers already knew the value of leisure time, how much more should we be aware of this. The Church has a great responsibility here. There is a need for Òa theology of leisure.Ó IÕm afraid that thus far the Church has accomplished very little in this area. Most churches, also Reformed and evangelical churches have limited their concern with leisure to providing certain recreational activities for seniors and young people, warning especially the latter against sinful amusements. And what about the increasing number of retirees? Is retirement a life of pure leisure?Perhaps we need, first of all, to ask the right questions. For example, how are leisure and work related? How are leisure and worship related? What are the moral uses and functions of recreation? Is there a hierarchy of values in the use of leisure time? These are some of the questions with which we as Christians are confronted today. Only if we find biblical answers to these questions will the rise of leisure not be a threat, but a blessing to our society, or more specifically, to our churches and families.Leisure time can be used positively and have a wholesome impact on our family life, provided such time is structured so as not to allow it to take up too much time at the expense of work, worship, studies, etc.Of course, recreational activities may not violate the LordÕs commandments. There are many wholesome recreational activities, such as sports, reading good books, playing games, camping, fishing, backpacking, listening to good music, watching a good video, playing non-violent computer games that require skill, etc.The Responsibility of Parents

Different people spend their leisure time in different ways. It depends on the person.

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I realize that some of our readers do not have this problem at all. You are so busy that you hardly have time for anything but work. After your daily job, there are things to do around the house. Maybe you have to work a part-time job to supplement your income. But it is still true that for many people spending leisure time is quite a problem, especially young people, senior citizens, and people with money.Some Christians even have guilt feelings when they take time to relax. They cannot really enjoy a vacation or even a day off because they think they should be doing something useful. This is especially true of those who were brought up with the Calvinistic or Puritan work ethic. Time is precious, we have been told from our youth and therefore w feel we must always be doing something worthwhile and productive.Much of such uneasiness and guilt feeling about leisure time is misplaced and unnecessary. Scripture does allow us to relax. God gave man one day in seven to rest and Jesus told His disciples on occasion to come away to a quiet place to rest for a while. We all need to break away from the hectic pace of life from time to time.Leisure time can be used in a positive and constructive way. It is not just the opposite of work. Neither does it mean just doing nothing. It is interesting that the Greek word for leisure is "skole,Ó and it is used in connection with education or the learning process. Thus leisure for the Greeks had to do with the learning process. It provided the climate for the growth of manÕs whole being.That is exactly why people who enjoyed a great deal of leisure time in ancient Greece were the philosophers. Society allowed the great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle to lead a life of leisure, because everyone knew these men would not waste their time in idleness, but use it for creative thinking. With the leisure class of the eighteenth century France it was a different matter entirely. The frivolous and corrupt court at Versailles illustrates how utterly degrading leisure can be if it is used to indulge in the pleasure of the flesh. Leisure time, then, can be used creatively or abused by living a life in pursuit of carnal pleasures. There is no doubt as to how leisure time is used by the masses today. As in the days of Rome, people are still after bread and circuses. Ours is a pleasure-hungry society. Never before in history has there been more opportunity for man to satisfy the cravings of his sinful heart. A whole entertainment industry has sprung up in the last century to cater to this all-consuming desire to have fun. With plenty of money and time available, people are having a grand time. Work is seen by many as a means to an endÑthe end being the purchase of such things as are deemed necessary to make life worth living: TVÕs, VCRÕs, boats, condos, spectator sport, trips to Acapulco and other exotic places.A Christian View of Leisure Time