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The 10th day of September is Teachers’ Day in China. On this special day we honour our teachers for their hard work and dedication to education. To acknowledge the contributions of all teachers I hereby share the transcript of one of my speeches on the importance of education.

Speech on the Importance of Moral Education in India

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[New York, N.Y. : Pearsall Brothers, 1869]Ephemera with education themes include 1838 speeches on the importance ofeducation and in support of an education lottery in Alton, Illinois, and a number ofnineteenth-century Yale University commencement programs and other student leaflets. The fund-raising leaflet, "," published by thePennsylvania Freedmen's Relief Association, is illustrated by an engraving of"Sea-Island School, No. 1.--St. Helena Island [South Carolina]. Established April,1862," showing teachers and students relaxing. Noting that fifty dollars wouldsupport one teacher for a month, the committee appeals to ministers of everydenomination and individuals and clubs in every community to contribute money orvolunteer time to the efforts of the Association to send teachers to South Carolinaand other southern states. Another leaflet published in Boston in June 1863, reprintsMay 1863 letters from teachers at St. Helena Island describing their young studentsas "the prettiest little things you ever saw, with solemn little faces, and eyes likestars." Vacations were a hardship to these children, who were so anxious toimprove their reading and writing that they begged not to "be punished so again." Voluntary contributions from various organizations aided fourteen hundred teachersin providing education for 150,000 freedmen.

Persuasive speech on The important of education

Persuasive Speech On The Importance of Education.
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Naat, Milli Naghmas, dramas, tableaus, painting, drawing, speeches on the importance of education, etc

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Made bi-weekly trips throughout the region to give speeches on the importance of education and international experience

Speech on Importance of Education for Students