In the best schools (and I don’t mean the most prestigious), you are helped to find out what you don’t know, and then you’re gently either given the answers or guided to find the answers. For example, the (Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate) has asked me to give a keynote speech on Success in Academia through Writing Productivity (don’t hold me to that title) before their conference on academic writing, which will cover topics like dissertation and grant writing, and, writing for journal publication. Other universities, such as Emory University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst have had Academic Ladder conduct in-depth programs with their grad students, and pre-tenured and tenured professors.

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Okay, if you say so. Or no, if you guys are in a bad mood, whatever you say. The other one - 'Managing liquidity supply crunch risk of NPA CSR mandate CEOs COOs CFOs UFOs'... mind-boggling and numbing for a person like me who can just about say, k-k-k-k-corporation management. And the topic that my friend Shiv (D Shivakumar, president, AIMA) told me is, I have to speak about courage, in this scared state and ill-informed mindset. But here I am, and so are all of you wonderful people. I wish you a great convention and a happy economy, and I want to thank my friend Shiv for giving me this opportunity to speak in front of such an extraordinary amazement of grey matter - all of you highly successful, perhaps the most successful people in the world - and he chose me to give you a speech on success. Am I the only one seeing the irony here? Or are you all too busy holding back your laughter on what I'm going to say?

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Students at Howard University do not want Diddy to give the graduation commencement speech simply because he dropped out of Howard University. Now let’s think about this. First, I stated most people go to college in order to pursue success correct? Second, not once did I state that most people GRADUATE college to pursue success. Third, if the end goal of going to college is to become successful in life, then for a commencement speech (motivational speech on success), does it really matter if the speaker graduated or not or should the focus be on the success/accomplishments of the speaker which qualifies him or her to speak in the first place?

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perhaps the most successful people in the world - and he chose me to give you a speech on success

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