Informative speech on Smoking Cigarettes

*Future note: When you are watching the democrat convention, A.K.A. “Triumph of the Will 2016”, drink a shot for every crying face. Al Gore’s speech on smoking, pan the camera to a woman crying. Obama rally, pan to young black kids screaming and crying. Scott Walker speaking about immigrants obeying the law, pan to an attending illegal immigrant with tears streaming down her face. Republicans make people sad, why can’t they just be nice?

Informative Speech on Quitting Smoking

Informative Speech on Smoking Tobacco

persuasive speech on smoking cigarettes

Informative speech on smoking
March 9th, 2009
I know it is far from great, no need to tell me.

Persuasive Speech on Quitting Smoking

Of course, none of this can be complete without a little speech on smoking bans. They have been a plague to our nation and should be stopped. It is up to the freedom of the bar or food establishment owners to decide if they want to allow smoking. Next, it is up to the persons who want to get food or drink. If the owner finds out that the demand for a non-smoking environment is higher than a smoking environment then he will adjust accordingly.

Informative Speech on Smoking
Persuasive Speech on Smoking

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Informative Speech on Smoking

Joshua Blog: Persuasive Speech Outline On Quitting Smoking

Informative Speech on Smoking

Example Persuasive Speech Outline On Smoking