Spectator violence in sports is everywhere, and it is on the rise.

The need for an understanding of spectator violence in sport environments is real. During the past few years, several tragedies related to sport spectator violence have been reported. If similar incidents are to be avoided, the phenomenon of spectator violence must be carefully studied from both psychological and sociological perspectives.

Spectator Violence in Sports: A North American Perspective

Spectator Violence in Sport: a Selected Review

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The article discusses spectator violence in sports. Violence by spectators is especially prevalent in Europe, since the close geographic nature of cities provides intermixtures of home and visitor fans, who often identify so closely with their favorite soccer teams that they share in a vicarious...

Spectator Violence in Sports: A North American Perspective - Springer

“This research helps to eliminate the misconception that spectator violence in youth sports is prevalent,” Hennessy said. “There are an incredible number of games played each day without incident. We only hear about the games where altercations take place, making violence at these contests seem more common.”

contributing factors to spectators violence in sports
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Considerable research has been done on spectator violence.

Research shows that spectator violence in sports has a long history and that football has been affected by fan violence at every level of the game (e.g

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