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Special creation theory: according to this theory, life on the earth was created by the strong power of his almighty, god. The holy books of different religions have clearly engraved on this fact of origin of life. As per the Hindu mythology, God Brahma has created the entire universe and all the living beings present here whereas according to Bible or Christianity, life is created within six days and the first man to exist on the earth is Adam. Likewise, many more believes are there by other religions on existence of life. But scientifically, this theory is not accepted because there are no particular evidences that support this theory.

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Such a view extends the application of the general principle of selection throughfitness to the To this problem I have devoted some fiveyears of study and experiment with children, etc., and I am now convinced that this"organic selection" bears much the same relation to the doctrine of specialcreation of ontogenetic adaptations by consciousness which Prof. Cope is reviving, thatthe Darwinian theory of natural selection bears to the special creation theory of thephylogenetic adaptations of species. The facts which Spencer called "heighteneddischarge" are capable of formulation of the principle of "motor excess":"the accommodation of an organism to a new stimulation is secured -- not by theselection of this stimulation beforehand (nor of the necessary movements) -- but by thereinstatement of it by a discharge of the energies of the organism, concentrated, as faras may be, for the excessive stimulation of the organs (muscles, etc.), most nearly fittedby former habit to get this stimulation again," [6] in which the word "stimulation " stands for the condition favorable to adaptation. After several trialswith grotesquely excessive movements, the child (for example) gets the adaptation aimed atmore and more perfectly, and the accompanying excessive and use-

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In , special creation is a theological doctrine which states that every species was individually created by God in the form in which it exists today and is incapable of undergoing any change. Adhering to a literal interpretation of the in the , special creation was the generally accepted theory of life’s origins from the 16th century until the middle of the 19th century, when it was supplanted by .

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Special creation theory states that all living organisms are created by super natural power

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During his five year journey around the world on , Charles Darwin encountered many different landscapes and an enormous variety of flora and fauna. Some of his most vivid experiences were on the islands of the coast of South America, including the now-famous Galapagos archipelago. Darwin was fascinated by the geographic relationship between the South American coast and its nearby islands; he puzzled over why plants and animals on nearby islands were similar to those on the mainland. Darwin was not satisfied by the traditional explanation provided by many naturalists of his day (including the famous Harvard naturalist ), that each organism was specially created for its geographic location. After his return from the Beagle, he started to challenge the tenets of special creation theory. Eventually, Darwin suggested that species were transported from the mainland to the islands, where they continued to evolve.

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According to this theory, all the different forms of life that occur today on planet earth, have been created by God, the almighty. This idea is found in the ancient scriptures of almost every religion. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, created the living world in accordance to his wish. According to the Christian belief, God created this universe, plants, animals and human beings in about six natural days. The Sikh mythology says that all forms of life including human beings came into being with a single word of God. Special creation theory believes that the things have not undergone any significant change since their creation.

After his return from the Beagle, he started to challenge the tenets of special creation theory

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