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It wasn't the more than one million people who thronged Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday but fever for the "Estones," as they are known in Spanglish slang, gripped the Argentine capital in the dog days of the hot South American summer.

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It's called Tex-Mex - a scramble of Spanish, English and Spanglish slang

MACHIN`:(ma-cheen: Spanglish slang meaning Supremely excellent”

Three of the four band members flew there Sunday after their monster weekend concert in Rio de Janeiro and closeted themselves in a luxury hotel that has morphed into ground zero for more than 100 hardcore fans of the group known in Spanglish slang as "Los Rolling'' _ or, simply, the "Estones.''

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This is juicy reading fun at times but this is ultimately too flawed in character and plot to be truly satisfying. Genevieve is playing so many different roles for the people in her life even when not dressed in famous clothing that her drama is both difficult to follow and dragged on too long. The author keeps the numerous plots afloat but most of the periphery characters are forgettable one-dimensional props. The writing is strong, if meandering, but the wildly fluctuating dialects of each character—most often from stiff old Hollywood mimicry to Spanglish slang, for no reason—can be disorienting.

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The EP was composed by the twin sisters Anabel and Cristabel Acevedo and produced by Ogando, using spanglish Dominican slang in a minimalistic and bucolic sound combination of a bongo, ukelele-tuned classic guitar and a tambourine, wrapped with naïve lyrics about sexual longing, idylic romances and adulthood denial. Bio: Machin’ (ma-cheen: Spanglish Slang meaning "Supremely Excellent). Is a bilingual, Latin influenced band formed in the high desert of the Inland Empire. Their style, “Spanglish Jive”, is an eclectic combination of sounds ranging from Ska, reggae, cumbia, gypsy, and dance music. They bring a new or... Madrid is an ultra-cosmopolitan city where people from all over the world congregate in bars, restaurants and busy streets and workplaces. No wonder Spanish and other world languages have merged at the edges. The most popular manifestation of this is "Spanglish," in which English words are given Spanish endings and/or blended with a Spanish sentence. Common Spanglish slang terms in Madrid include "parquear," which means to park (a car) and "chequear," which means to check (something). And you'll often hear women shouting to one another: "Voy a hacer un poco de shopping" (I'm off to do a bit of shopping).In my first publication, I Ching Primer (which in Mexican Spanglish slang means I F—CK First) I introduce my new Flux Tome Perspective and the Oracle Blank to allow all Yi Oracles to be written and analyzed on a pre-printed form. Rather than having different graphic lines for the Oracle line values of six, seven, eight, and nine, assigned to static or moving, Yang line or Yin line; my novel idea was to interpret Yang and Yin as Figure and Ground of Gestalt.
a common practice, for instance, for those who employ the so-called Spanglish slang

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All of these things involve Jesus in some serious way and the mindset lends itself to a classic blend of spanglish slang and smooth, rural, hispanic gangsters.

She enjoys frizz-free hair days, Prospect Park and local, Spanglish slang with her morning café.

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I just finished reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, and all I can say is “whoa.” Which could be construed as a bad joke, but it really is a remarkable book in its unique narrative style and use of Spanglish slang. I’m searching for the right words to describe it, but I […]

Plus just a little edgy note of manly manliness in Spanglish slang, too

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It wasn't the more than 1 million people who thronged Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro for a free concert Saturday night, but fever for the "Estones," as they are known in Spanglish slang, gripped this capital in the dog days of the hot South American summer.