Silkworm Life Cycle Clip Art [LINE ART]

This kit is a lightweight that has12 pockets with perfect fitting for cut tissue rolls where the silkworms can anchor in the middle and wrap itself in silk. The flip side double up as housing for the silkworms during the rearing stage. Comes with minimum of 12 (up to 50, some times more!) live silkworms or eggs and enough food to grow your silkworms to cocoon. Simply place cut tissue rolls into the pocket and drop each spinning silkworm inside and close off the lid. The mesh works to screen out frass; simply lift and dump out the poop and left over food. It is THAT easy. You may also choose to rear the silkworms in a separate container and simply use the kit to cocoon. This kit is re-usable. The mesh comes in a variety of colors. Red, purple, green, orange, pink. Please indicate color during checkout. Subject to availability and variety of silkworms. Please download a brochure for detail instructions. Silkworm life cycle display courtesy of Ms. Sue Kayton on

Butterfly & Silkworm Lifecycle Chart

 Silkworm Life CycleSilkworms Silkworm 'live feeder worms'.

Mulberry Silkworm lifecycle (click on a photo):-

Silkworm Life Cycle clip art comes with 24 glittery images in both color and blackline in png (transparent background) and jpg (white background) format. Here's what's included:

• Silkworm Life Cycle (full diagram)

– Silkworm Life Cycle (full diagram)
– Stage 1: Eggs (individual image)
– Stage 2: Larvae (individual image)
– Stage 3: Cocoon (individual image)
– Stage 4: Adult Moth (individual image)
– “Silkworm Life Cycle” title (individual image)

• "Silkworm Life Cycle" title (individual image)
Mulberry Silkworm Life Cycle

Silkworm Life Cycle timeline | Timetoast timelines

This is an excellent learning tool which demonstrates how the silkworm life cycle continues from pupae to moth.

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Silkworm Life Cycle Silkworm life cycle stages set