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Since Biblical times and before, man has been constantly fighting. It seems that never a year goes by without one war or another starting or finishing. Some of these wars take many years and have very high death tolls, but there have also been some extraordinarily short wars. The following is the list of world's shortest wars ever taken place.

My candidate is the Shortest War Ever Fought, detailed under :

Zanzibar was also the scene of the worlds shortest war ever:

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The shortest war ever fought in the United States lasted only one day and took place against the self proclaimed "Free State Of Van Zandt" right here in East Texas. While there are many versions of the story, Alvis Allen, Van Zandt County Geneological Society Historian, has researched the facts and the legends.

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On December 11th 1845 the Khalsa crossed the river, and Hardinge declared war. So began what George Macdonald Fraser’s Flashman called “the bloodiest, shortest war ever fought in India”. It was to be a war of battles.

Do Ewoks have access to natural light flashlights? If so, shortest war ever.
The Anglo-Zanzibar War. The shortest war ever recorded. Lasted 38 minutes from when war were declared till peace was settled.

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The shortest war ever lasted about as long as it takes you to bake a sheperds pie in the oven

The following is the list of world's shortest wars ever taken place