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Here you should declare importance of your sex education thesis research and define main goals. We advise you to pay attention to the governmental instructions and official documents of state authorities that indicate the place and role of sex education in curriculum of public schools. Reports on teen birthrates and pregnancy rates will be also to the point.

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Some also feel that sex education should be taught at home by parents. That's fine, except there is no guarantee that kids will be taught. In a formal survey of 8,000 college students over 12 years, fewer than eighty percent had received a meaningful sex education from their parents(Gordon). An informal survey [SEE APPENDIX ONE] of one hundred students at Hotchkiss High School showed that only fourteen percent had been spoken to by their parents about abstinence and/or contraception(Teen). Many children feel that parents are the least informative source for information concerning birth control and sexually transmitted diseases(Griffith p.68). With no guarantees and the children's view of their parents' knowledge, "Generation X" could be put at a higher risk if parents were left to educate their children on sexuality.

In the United States, one-third or more of all public school districts have abstinence-only sex education as the sexuality curriculum of choice.
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pregnancy. For instance. and personal attractiveness. In method of integration. According to Former Department of Education secretary Mona Valisno. Moreover. According to Andres (1974). and Family Relations or Human Relations classes. under Science is the teaching of the body parts. good grooming. integration of sex education in topics such as care and education of young children. sexual adjustments. “the students develop an appreciation of sex as the process by which life is carried on” (p. In a Biology class. sex education is integrated in elementary subjects such as Science. Kasaysayan. Edukasyong Pantahan at Pangkabuhayan (EPP). In Physical Education & Health. matters concerning proper behavior among or between peers of different gender are being taught in EPP. Sibika (HeKaSi). mental health as indicated by good personality. Biology. and the family as the basic units of society. In English and Literature. sex education in the secondary level can be introduced in Physical Education & Health Classes. the teacher can help the students evaluate books. topics such as the physiologies of the reproductive system. In Social Studies. are ways by which sex education is integrated. and puberty stage. as cited by Malipot (2010). and Heograpiya. etc. Home Economics. are being discussed in Home Economics subject. 135). marriage. sex education takes into an objective and in-depth discussion about reproductive system and its functions. Social Studies. Moreover.. English and Literature. reproductive system. and how to acquire poise. the students learn about sex education in the lessons of population growth. sex education is being integrated in different subjects in the Philippines’ basic education curriculum.15Content of Sex Education As stated earlier.

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