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Romeo explains that the business of Juliet has kept him away from his friends (Line 54-57). After a series of barbs between Romeo and Mercutio, the Nurse and Peter arrive in search of Romeo. She finds Romeo and a running war of insults occurs between the Nurse and the rude Mercutio who refers to the Nurse as an "ancient lady;" (old woman), (Line 152).

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by Insertclichehere – rated K+ - Playful banter between Romeo and Mercutio after the Mab speech.

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John Gielgud (Romeo and Mercutio), Laurence Olivier (Mercutio and Romeo), Peggy Ashcroft (Juliet), Glen Byam Shaw (Benvolio), Harry Andrews (Tybalt), George Devine (Peter), Edith Evans (Nurse), Alec Guinness (Apothecary), George Howe (Friar Lawrence).

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Renowned for its alternating of Olivier and Gielgud in the roles of Romeo and Mercutio, the production [...] enjoyed an unusually long run for a Shakespeare play and then transferred to the provinces. It was taken for granted that Motley again would design both costumes and sets, aiming at the visual unity in production that had become their trademark.

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Mercutio is the very antithesis to Romeo. "The brooding nature of Romeo," says Dowden, "which cherishes emotion, and lives in it, is made salient by contrast with Mercutio, who is all wit, and intellect, and vivacity, an uncontrollable play of gleaming and glancing life. Upon the morning after the betrothal with Juliet, a meeting happens between Romeo and Mercutio. Previously, while a lover of Rosaline, Romeo had cultivated a lover-like melancholy. But now, partly because his blood runs gladly, partly because the union of soul with Juliet has made the whole world more real and substantial, and things have grown too solid and lasting to be disturbed by a laugh, Romeo can contend in jest with Mercutio himself, and stretch his wit of cheveril 'from an inch narrow to an ell broad.'Right before the moment in which Tybalt runs at Romeo and Mercutio with his knife drawn, in the last lines of song, Mercutio runs his hand intimately through Tybalt’s hair, which utterly infuriates him. . How does Shakespeare treatdeath in ? Frame your answer interms of legal, moral, familial, and personal issues. Bearing theseissues in mind, compare the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo andMercutio, and Mercutio and Tybalt.
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Scene 4 takes place in a Street. The scene begins with Benvolio and Mercution entering and wondering where Romeo is. During this conversation it is learned that Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel. Benvolio and Mercutio discuss the duel and Tybalts talent as a duelist when Romeo enters the scene. Romeo and Mercutio tease each other then Juliet's Nurse enters the scene. Mercutio teases the Nurse for a bit but leaves with Benvolio after Romeo asks them too. Alone with the nurse he tells her to tell Juliet to meet him at the Fryers at two that afternoon. He also instructs the nurse to bring a rope ladder so that he can visit Juliet later that night after they have been married. Then they all exit the scene.

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In both plays characters refer to fairies. 's longest speech (spoken by Mercutio) is a description of Queen Mab, the "fairies' midwife", but he admits to making it up. In Theseus refers jokingly to “fairy time”, but may well not believe in fairies any more than Romeo and Mercutio. What difference do the fairies make to the world of compared to the harsher view of the world that we see in ?

After a series of barbs between Romeo and Mercutio, the Nurse and Peter arrive in search of Romeo

It also kind of implies that Romeo and Mercutio are sleeping together

On his way home from Capulet's feast, Romeo turns back and jumps the wall of Capulet's garden. Benvolio calls for Romeo and Mercutio bawdily conjures Romeo, but he will not appear, and his friends depart.