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While Robespierre did murder thousands of French citizens during the Reign of Terror, he did also do some pretty great things for France such as creating public education, creating a national citizens army, creating Frances modern flag and many others. In your view, is Robespierre a hero or villian? and give REASONS why.

Was Maxeimillien Robespierre a hero or a villain

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Posted by on at 11:31pm.Was Robespierre a hero or villain? What were some of the things he did (good and bad). Im writing a multi- paragraph essay and I don't really get who he is and what he did.

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Was Robespierre a hero or villain
Was Robespierre the hero or the villain of the tragedy that was the Revolution?

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CORRBORATING SOURCES Use the information from the secondary sources above to respond to the following prompt: Was Maximillien Robespierre a hero or a villain?

In the beginning, the people loved him

I'm doing a sose essay about 'Was Maxeimillien Robespierre a hero or a villain?' and im not sure if he was a hero or villain

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