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In her free-time events, when Mikan explains her reasons for becoming a nurse, Hajime is disturbed and is afraid to show any signs of weakness or sickness around her. However, he also feels bad for her and believes that she is not to be blamed for the way she is now.

The Main Reasons for Becoming a Nurse

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But are those good enough reasons for becoming a nurse

Being a member of NSCS has played an integral role in my college experience because I have an opportunity to be a leader, serve my community, and be recognized as a student who has excelled academically. I consider this a great opportunity as it is consistent with my reasons for becoming a nurse as well. As a member of City Tech chapter of NSCS, I also have a chance to broaden my horizons, get involved in various events, and motivate others to do the same. I look forward to working with my fellow members to do a great job, so as to allow our chapter to grow. I encourage the entire City Tech community to feel free to approach me with any suggestions, comments, or questions.

Graduate Nurses question one – Reasons for becoming a nurse

Following up with the Top 10 Reasons for Becoming a Nurse, now that you’ve decided to go down the path of a self-less job that doesn’t get any respect - you’ll need to know some of the more commonly used terminology in the nursing industry.

explains how working in Malaysia reaffirmed her reasons for becoming a nurse
Gerontological nursing is probably one of my main reasons for becoming a nurse.

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I am not expecting nursing school to be an easy endeavor. I am grateful that I have a good support system in my mother and my husband. It is hard to balance family life, studies, and time for me all at once, but we have made it work this far and I know we will keep making it work somehow. I am excited about the challenges to come and the rewards to follow. If you managed to read this far, I would love to hear about your reasons for becoming a nurse as well. Thanks for reading.

When you answer the question simply be truthful and sincere to your reasons for becoming a nurse

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There are so many great reasons why a graduating or an experienced nurse would want to join London Health Sciences Centre, that we found it difficult to shortlist them. However, it's an important decision and yours to make, so we'll let you be the judge. Just as you had your own reasons for becoming a nurse, only you can decide what would motivate you to join LHSC.

Figure 2 shows the distribution of the reasons for becoming a nurse according to gender

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