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Never a conventional traveler, I listened to the planning discussions, but didn’t really do any research. I figured Rated R and Cream Of Tartar would advise me of places to do and things to see based on their extensive reality TV research. I also knew That’s Not Chinese would be finding all kinds of activities for us. Lastly, I knew that, regardless of what we chose to do, it would be expensive.

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Now for the sake of reality TV research I have tried both drinks. The margarita is good, in fact, for a pre-mixed drink it is really good, however the cosmo had no flavour at all it was just a sweet mess. I had to add more alcohol to it to give it some taste at all.

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Now for the sake of reality TV research I have tried both drinks

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However, as we examine the course of reality TV research, it is evident that research has ..

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