More than 100 millimetres of rain fell in Darwin overnight

Appreciable rain in Darwin usually commences in December, with heavy rains in the months following. Larval control for Ae. vigilax is less relevant later in the wet‐season when the wetland becomes seasonally flooded, creating the opportunity for larval predation by fish and aquatic insects, and offering fewer sites for oviposition (Ritchie , Jacups et al. However, in some years, light to heavy rains commence earlier than December, and unlike tides with clear predictions and geographic demarcation lines, rainfall has variable intensity, is less predictable, and can occur locally and thus can remain undetected.

WA: Perth fire continues for third day NT: Intense rain in Darwin

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Average monthly rainfall in Darwin

The Darwin weather bureau says we're still in for a long and hot build-up, despite the weekend rain in Darwin, and relatively cool conditions in September.
Forecasters say the monsoon is not expected to arrive before Christmas, so expect humidity levels to creep up over the coming weeks.

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The total number of days with rain in Darwin compared to Sydney
The sound of rolling thunder and rain in Darwin

months record over 50mm of rain in Darwin

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Appreciable rain in Darwin usually commences in December, with heavy rains in the months following

HAIL in Alice, rain in Darwin and no relief from the humidity