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The purpose of Graphic Design Program is to develop skills and knowledge in order to create and present the ideas visually required by graphic designers.

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The purpose of Graphic designs, to me is very broad

It’s the difference between creating something through emotion, science and process, vs. producing something as an end result. The purpose of graphic design is to solve problems. (So don’t hire a Graphic Artist to solve a problem, hence my testiness!) You need a logo designed for your company? You hire a Graphic Designer; you need a logo re-drawn for artwork, you hire a Graphic Artist. The two are not interchangeable.

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The purpose of graphic design is to communicate a message through type, colour, graphics and imagery. It is important to remember that any form of communication you produce is a reflection of your brand. We offer graphic design services such as: brochure and flyer design, catalogue design, signage and posters, corporate stationery and much more. Do you need something designed?

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This course introduces students to the ubiquity and multiplicity of purpose of graphic design and the applied arts in general. Students discover the cultural dimensions of visual and verbal elements and learn to appreciate international issues related to the globalization and localization of design messages. Students carry out hands-on projects to explore aesthetic and communicational aspects of design. Usually offered every term.The purpose of graphic design is to capture attention and to tell a story with pictures or design. To invoke emotion, to inspire and to communicate a purpose without words.In 1972, Wim Crouwel and Jan van Toorn met to debate the purpose of graphic design, and set the terms for arguments that continue to this day. Beautifully illustrated and intelligently supplemented with essays by Frederike Huygen, Dingenus van de Vrie, and our own Rick Poynor.
The foundation of good graphic design is organization and clarity. Our team of professional graphic designers believes that the purpose of graphic design is to guide the reader.
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A studio course introducing the process and purpose of graphic design

I did an internet search recently to understand what designers like me (web, graphic, or industrial designers specifically) think about their activity in terms of how it relates to God. The first post I came across after doing a Google search was a blog with a category page with a confusing title of “The Design of Theology.” All its posts were instead about the theology of design. The first one I read was about how the main purpose of graphic / communication design was to share or promote the glory of God. This seemed to me a good idea, but a little odd because a professional graphic designer often does things other than that, so it would be hard to argue that this is the primary purpose of Graphic design in the sphere of human society, and it would lead a professional to feel a little guilty that he or she wasn’t doing something “churchy.” This is unhelpful theology to me or anyone not working as a graphic designer for a church.

The purpose of graphic design is to capture attention and to tell a story with pictures or design

The purpose of graphic design is communicaTion

- The purpose of Graphic Design Honors is to provide a continuation of the concepts learned in Graphic Design Intermediate. The course is designed to prepare students for advancement into the professional field of printed media design and production. Students continue to polish their technical skills, through the completion of a series of individual and group projects, while continuing to develop professional portfolios. Students are given the opportunity to gain professional graphic design experience through their participation in the design and production of a variety of school media projects such as posters, programs, tickets, brochures, and flyers. Students will begiven the option to choose an area of specialization or stay within a broader survey of the course. Students will be required to construct a professional portfolio and resume as part of their final exam.

The purpose of Graphic Design is basically to create or manipulate pictures, images and art

The purpose of graphic design is to solve problems

While creating rhythms and variations from page to page, one must also remember to maintain an overall aesthetic integrity. The purpose of graphic design is to communicate, not dazzle, and an inconsistent design will result in decreased user effectiveness. This means keeping individual visual and typographic elements simple and clear. It also means applying them uniformly, so that the connotations of a particular type style, or the results of interaction with a particular graphic element, are independent of their context. There should be an overall visual system to the text, carefully considered in the first stages of design, that brings together the elements into a coherent whole.