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Hi Arif - thanks for your positive comments and your suggestions. I've highlighted some more words and added a little paragraph about dog sledging.

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On a whim, a paragraph about dog-friendly Lake Mary led us from Carmel, California, over Yosemite’s Tioga Pass to a place called “Mammoth.” We checked into historic Tamarack Lodge on Twin Lakes as darkness silhouetted the granitic Mammoth Crest and looming Mammoth Mountain against the glittering dome of stars.

They are called our domestic animals

Personally, I've had dogs who ate chocolate without dying. Then again, I did try to kill them after seeing said chocolate digested and crapped out on the kitchen table. It wasn't so much that the dog shit out the chocolate in the house - I was pissed more because it went through all the trouble of climbing on the coffee table to do it first. I didn't think Odie would lead to a paragraph about dog shit, but in retrospect, the progression there is fairly natural.

I read the paper by Yvette Mahe, PhD., and found the paragraph about dog skin gloves
I've highlighted some more words and added a little paragraph about dog sledging.

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tl;dr: A paragraph about dog allergies that got out of hand because I find the subject interesting.

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collars" page, you would want to get the keyword phrase "leather dog collar" and "leather dog collars" into the paragraph about dog collars for casual walks.

It is found everywhere, in every nook and corner of the world