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The first in a planned trilogy that explores clique dynamics for middle-graders, Fredericks's () twist is a set of tarot cards left to narrator Anna by an elderly woman for whom she catsat, and who recently passed away. Anna, a self-proclaimed "blah nobody," has a crush on geek-turned-hottie Declan. The eighth-grader thinks she's too boring to snag him, but her two best friends, Eve and Syd (each of whom will narrate one of the next two installments), do a tarot card reading that indicates Anna will get the boy. So the two take her shopping to improve Anna's image. The heroine is disappointed to learn (via the Web site "Zoe's World," run by the school gossip) that Declan locked lips with what the friends refer to as "P&P" ("pretty and perfect") Alexa (aka "La Diva") at a Halloween party. But the popular gal is too into P.D.A. for the former geek, so he chooses madeover Anna instead. Anna's ego balloons and she blows off her buddies to spend more time with her now aloof boyfriend. The author aptly captures the jealousy, pettiness and self-consciousness run amok that often accompanies all the worst things about middle school. A subtheme about Oedipus and fate echoes the issues with which Anna grapples. The heroine's intelligent, sympathetic character saves this from falling in line with the more formulaic titles in its genre. Ages 10-14.

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But enough of sources, interesting tidbits, what then is the core of the Ring and what can we make of the ending? Wagner originally planed for Siegfried to be the center of the Ring, but Wotan gradually became, for him, the real tragic figure. Wagner was quoted as saying the Ring is about Wotan accepting his own death, which certainly points to Oedipus and fate. Aesthetically Wagner was correct, if audience appeal is any guide, Siegfried, is the least performed of the operas in the cycle. If Seigfreid is the least popular, you can probably guessis the most popular. That fact calls for a closer examination of the Valkyrie Brunnhilde/Athena. As already noted, she is the female aspect of the male psyche and corresponds to the third person in the Trinity. She is herself transformed to a mere mortal by Wotan for defying his command; because she was so moved by Sigmund's love for Sieglinde. In The Immolation Scene she becomes the transforming power that cleanses the world and ends the drama. Wotan's power is in noticeable decline even in the first opera: his insecurity leads him to build a mansion he can't afford. Siegfried, a seemingly mechanical hero, never really touches our imagination; he even forgets he is married. Which brings to mind Merlin's summation in the movie Excalibur: "For it is the doom of men that they forget." It is the female that has to, in the finally, clean up the mess made by the guys.

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These two views are not at all contradictory; both Oedipus and fate have determined his suffering
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