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This study examined the role of gender in the third-person effect in the context of Internet pornography. The results indicate that most respondents believe Internet pornography has a greater negative influence on others than on themselves. Female respondents tend to perceive greater negative effects of Internet pornography on other males than on other females, and they are readier to support restrictions on Internet pornography. Finally, the magnitude of perceptual bias appears an unreliable predictor of support for media restriction, which may help explain mixed results in previous studies. This novel gender-differential approach strengthens the growing literature on the third-person effect.

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His parents are also trying to manage some of the negative effects of internet fame, such as .

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company everyday because you can do your work at home and send what you've done by E-mail. You can have more free time and can change your lifestyle as you like. Fourth, concerning a network of people, Internet helped to connect and gather volunteers after the big earthquake had rocked the city of Kobe in 1995. The homepage made by one of the volunteer posted lots of information such as what refugees in Kobe need and which shelter needs helpers. Fifth, Internet is a good means to express you. You can make your homepage and introduce yourself there. Then some people who saw your homepage would be interested in you or your information offered on the homepage and would contact you. It can be someone from unfamiliar country that you've never been to. Isn't that kind of a great meeting? Maybe you want to found your own company on the web. It's possible now. Internet is very useful if you have something that you want to do or express. Now I'd like to state the negative effects of Internet. First, an infringement of copyright (or piracy) on the web is one of the most controversial problem that Internet has caused. It is very hard to protect the copyright since you can get any information on the web any time. You can draw some pictures offered in someone's homepage into yours and you can copy everything that is shown on the web-which you're supposed not to do so. Second, subversive materials posted on the web is also a big problem. It's obvious that subversive materials like porno or the picture of a dead body are not good for you nor for children. It can happen that innocent kids cruising the web to find a toy company's homepage stumble across the place where many horrible pictures are posted. Though Singapore's government now started controlling and policing those obscene material on the web, there is a question to be raised: doesn't the regulation offend the freedom of speech? The same question has also been raised from the United States when the obscene pictures on the web were prosecuted. Then, how should we protect our children from those subversive materials on Internet? Is there any way to measure the degree of the obscene materials? To make matters worse, there is currently no universal law that can supervise those problems. As you know, since Internet is worldwide, all countries must cooperate to restrict something on the web; otherwise, you can do it in the country where the law is not enforced. Third, you have to be concerned about the crime on the web. Because you can offer some information anonymously on Internet, some people can also trespass upon your privacy through Internet by spreading some information that you want to private. Furthermore, a crime on the web can sometimes be very serious. If you are a computer specialist, you could steal a secret information like the military secrets of another country. It actually happened a few years ago: a guy from

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Brazil stole through Internet military secrets from the Department of Defense in U.S.A. Fourth, as some people say, the Internet is a box of waste since most of the information which is offered on the web is junk. All you do on the web is just wasting your time. In addition, E-mails sometimes bother people; you can't write back to a hundred mails! Some mails may even have nothing to do with you. Dealing with E-mail could waste a lot of your time. As I said earlier, Internet, which was first created for military use, causes both positive and negative effects today. Nevertheless, you just can't complain all the time about the negative effects of Internet. You know that it's too late to stop the expanding of Internet. You won't be able to live without it. What is now demanded for us is to deal with both positive and negative side of Internet--and, hopefully, to change its negative effects for the better. by Rumiko Nomura

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When students use the internet to bully other students of the same age group, this is known as cyber bullying and this is a very negative effect of the internet on the students. Students feel insulted or embarrassed when someone bullies them and this may lead to depression sometimes. Mental harassment also comes under this category. There have been many cases reported where some of the students have committed suicides as a result of cyber bullying. As the usage of internet is increasing day by day, cases of cyber bullying are also increasing simultaneously.

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There are no statistics on the number of students who addicted to the internet, but in fact, there are so many people spend a lot of hours, even on 8-hour, all day to enter the internet. They play games, read a book, listen to music or access their favorite websites without caring to study or work. Many students even drop out of school to enter the internet all day. Lots of them are expelled because of internet addiction. When being addicted by internet, the student will get lazier. This is one of the most negative effects of internet on students that people should know to avoid abusing the internet and being .

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Moreover, moral corruption is also a negative effect of internet on children that are released on many black sites. There are a lot of available good and bad things on the internet that a 5-year kid can approach the content, such as the 18+ information.