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Put your troublesome toadies to work on trampolines, hamster wheels, and other maniacal machines, and trick out your lab with mastermind must-haves, from shark tanks to ice cream carts. Climb the ranks and boost your Consortium reputation to new ranks of nefariousness. You can even Unlock land expansion to make your lab bigger – who knows what monsters or relics you may discover?

Hypernyms ("nefariousness" is a kind of...):

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13 letters in word "nefariousness": A E E F I N N O R S S S U.

WASHINGTON — Incoming Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain wants to prohibit the Pentagon from award cost-plus contracts, arguing such deals encourage nefariousness.

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Mary gratified her eager mind by careful studies in this chosen line of nefariousness.
But it does express my irritation with the way some liberals - and only some - assume a kind of nefariousness among those who have actually made a material success of their lives, and see no real loss in expropriating their moolah."Retiring pirates were willing to pay a good price for a peaceful home-coming, and in the colonial towns their money covered the nefariousness of their ..."Incidentally, Vince McMahon, chairman of the WWE, who no doubt approved the stagecraft of such nefariousness, is married to Linda McMahon who's running for Senate in Connecticut."'Twas ne-farious — an'that manes a power av evil! " " Never mind the nefariousness," I said. " Whose reputation did you save ? " " More's the pity, 'twasn't ...""... as to the magnanimity and equity of Newton, than from an earnest and well grounded conviction that his conduct was really marked by nefariousness. ..."Planned Parenthood’s Obscene Profits. ... the shocking evidence of Planned Parenthood’s nefariousness exposed by ... of clinic officials in New Mexico and ...
There was a nefariousness about the new suggestion that proved very attractive in Blentmouth.

The nefariousness of the scheme thus revealed infuriated Barmouth.

Digital criminals are expanding their social-networking nefariousness beyond Facebook and Twitter to try to trick users into downloading malicious payloads.

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Obese Marmot of Nefariousness Card

"... stronger proof of the intenseness and nefariousness of the love of power, than the fact of its having virtually abrogated Christianity, and even turned ..."

Mary gratified her eager mind by careful studies in this chosen line of nefariousness.

Obese Marmot of Nefariousness Attack Power: 700

Tips: Nefarious refers to blatant evil or immorality. Its root word, nefas, meant "sin" in Latin. The noun nefariousness, of course, means evil or wickedness. Nefarious and depraved are synonyms. Both words are used to describe wicked, evil, and corrupt people or behavior. Depraved is used more to describe a person's character, while nefarious is used more to describe the evil or corrupt act: "He is a depraved man who is known for his nefarious business practices."