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The event is in aid of Kuly Ral, who unfortunately died earlier in the year from a brain tumour. Geeta Ral was married to Kuly and mother of his three year old daughter. Geeta is also the sister of Neeta Arora from Sachins, hence this charity is something close to both her and Bob’s heart. The charity Brain Tumour UK will be the beneficiary of all funds raised and it is hoped that one day a cure for brain tumours can be found.

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"I have played a lot too. No matter how hard one studies, never miss out on the essential element of having fun," he shared, adding that he was lucky to have parents (Dr Vinod and Dr Neeta Arora) who made things easier for him.

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1.4 The said retraction of the statement by Shri Jagmohan Singh Arora was ignored by the Department on the ground that the said retraction was merely an afterthought to cover the already exposed mechanism of tax evasion. The incomes of the different individual members of the assessee-group were assessed at Rs. 40,75,490 for Shri Daya Singh Arora; Rs. 2,32,384 for Smt. Varyam Kaur Arora, Rs. 1,09,72,993 for Shri Jagmohan Singh Arora, Rs. 6,97,152 for Smt. Neeta Arora; Rs. 42,81,034 for Shri Kuljeet Singh Arora; Rs. 37,12,402 for Smt. Poonam K. Arora and Rs. 52,68,146 for M/s Arora Construction & Developers. In the said overall additions were included additions on account of unrecorded investments in Bhayandar land to the respective extent of Rs. 33,57,950; Rs. 2,32,384; Rs. 1,01,06,380; Rs. 6,97,152; Rs. 38,34,336, Rs. 37,16,402 and Rs. 52,68,146. In making the additions on proportionate basis in the hands of the different members of the appellant group in respect of Bhayandar land, on the basis of the so-called confession of Shri Jagrnohan Singh Arora, the Department relied upon the following pronouncements--

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Vedas Academy is established in the year 1999 by dynamic personality Neeta Arora

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Neeta Arora - Science, counselling psychology, philosophy and education from Delhi

Smt Neeta Arora – Principal Venkateshwara International School

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Bob and Neeta Arora are a Newcastle institution