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Mr. Keeler is a great teacher and I think every student should take this course before starting University/ College. This course will help me with all my future endeavors"

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How Does Accounting Affect My Future Endeavors?

BM: My future endeavors as a model is to become an international muse. I want to be the next international super model, and I’m working hard daily to reach my goal.

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Choosing CASNR has completely defined my undergraduate years, and I have had a unique and invaluable set of experiences that I believe will allow me to succeed in my future endeavors.

My Future Endeavors
"Participating in studies and testing my own hypotheses led to my passion for research. The knowledge and support I've received have been life-changing and will help drive my future endeavors in the field of psychology." - Rebecca Slomowitz"This internship program has given me valuable experience that will be extremely helpful in my future endeavors. Some of the most valuable experiences that I have had is the opportunity to learn a brand new culture, language, and workplace skills and attitude."
— Jiseok R., intern from South KoreaThe Interdisciplinary Studies Program has prepared me to pursue my goals because of its emphasis on understanding and applying many different disciplines and ways of thinking. The instructors have been exceptional and have truly been involved in my educational process. Each professor enables every student to reach his or her potential and the atmosphere always encourages deeper thinking. This gives students in IDS an edge over other students because of the ability to attack problems from different perspectives. The program and the faculty have enabled me to be successful in my undergraduate studies and I am more than confident that IDS has prepared me for my future endeavors."Undergraduate research is important to me because it allows me to work closely in a research environment with a team of people. By working closely with a research team, I am learning valuable skills that I will need in my future endeavors, such as being a leader and learning how to cooperate with my peers as well as my mentors. Research also helps push me one step forward to my dream goal- receiving a Ph.D in Clinical Child Psychology. Clinical Ph.D programs are, admittedly, very hard to get into. Due to PhD's being research-based, having research experience in your background can be helpful towards being accepted into a Clinical PhD program, or any PhD program for that matter.I think all of these experiences have helped me prepare for my future endeavors. I have been able to offer insights and support, play devil’s advocate in order to prepare contingency plans for projects, and share my contacts and networking information when relevant. The experiences I’ve had with employers and events through our extra-curricular activities have also been a great way of learning first hand advice from professionals and hiring managers. Hopefully my personal involvement in these organizations and events has contributed in providing others with useful tips on how to be successful in their career."My internship with Calkain has been wonderful and I really enjoyed that the experience was tailored to my specific interests. I had the pleasure of working with very talented and helpful people who made my time at Calkain so very rewarding. Working on my project [] has definitely prepared me for my future endeavors and I highly recommend this internship to all my peers. I strongly believe that it is the best opportunity to develop valuable skills for ones academic and/or working career. Directly after the internship I moved on to pursue a master's degree. Only two weeks into the program I realized that the Calkain internship experience has effectively prepared me for my graduate level classes as well as giving me a competitive edge over others."
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"With education being as costly as it is today, every penny counts, and this $1,000 is a great contribution toward my ability to accomplish my future endeavors."

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Being a student in the TC made me feel I was a part of something and I could always turn to someone there for just about anything. I quickly learned from the tutors that my disability was only a small obstacle. They shared techniques with me to assist in coping with my disability which had led me to be very successful in college; these techniques will be with me for life and will aid in my future endeavors. Towards the end of the period I was utilizing the services of the TC, I was asked to sit on a student panel as being a representative for students with disabilities. This allowed me to speak of my experiences and provide input to possibly improve services and communication for the overall SDS group.

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“In college, SEP was a turning point for my future endeavors

I feel that I have not only brought changes to my high school, but also our local Kiwanis Club. This year we have formed a tight bond exemplifying the ideal of Kiwanis Educating Youths. We have worked hard together to help the success of each other’s activities; right now we are working together to establish a Builder’s Club. I think I have exemplified the ideals of Key Club through initiative, participation, motivation, and service. I feel that I would make a good candidate to receive one of your generous scholarships. I would greatly appreciate any financial aid to help me with my future endeavors."