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Well let see here I might be some help.. So I'm a FiDM student about to graduate my major is Product Development (biz. aspects of Fashion) I'm transfering to Cal Poly Pomona to finish my BA. My whole take and reccomendation for FiDM all depends on a person's drive. I have two relatives who have graduated from FiDM and were successful in the Industry. However, they warned me that i don't necessarily have to go to school for Fashion if that was something I wanted to do. It is alot about who you know but now of days in the Industry employers are looking for what you know. The Apparel major is a really good program and can be beneficial to your long-term career but it would all depend on you to network an get the resources you need. My best advice is that if you are serious about what you want to do in the Fashion Industry and are interested in FiDM's program then you should finish your General at CSUN and go to FiDM as what's called. "PD" Professional Designated student you'll finish the program in 9 mos. An pay a little under 25k. But it's all up to you babe some employers in the Industry higher you just because you went to FiDM some will turn you away. It's all about who you know, what you know, and how serious you are. I honestly have to say w/o my FiDM education I would not know half the key aspects in the Industry or people.

Hope this helps :)

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Speaking of school, it starts today! My FIDM tote is ready and packed to the brim.

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The job placement is NOT what it claims to be. I had pretty much 0 help throughout my education and afterwards. I got a job at Styles for Less on my own, and when I presented my FIDM Portfolio, they told me those are a dime a dozen! She said they're pretty much all the same. The Career Service Counselors are of no help, I called to ask if they could help me find a local manufacturing company that could help me with development, and they said those don't exist in LA?!?! Well on my own research, I found a company that FIDM already collaborates with??

I am now an Alumni, I can't even use the trend books now in the library, I have to ask a current student to check it out for me, which is always a pain! But for how much money this school costs, you should have lifetime access to those books as alumni. They are pretty much there for homework for FIDM, lame.

The teachers are the best part here! There were some real professionals that really engaged the class, but beware. There are also horrible teachers there too, so make sure you research! So many students complained in my class once, the teacher actually got fired half way through the quarter and we had to start all over again?!

I'm just bummed, they lead a lot more than they can really offer.

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FC: How did you choose your major?
CR: I have always wanted be a part of the analytical/strategic side of business but could never shake my need to have my hands in the creative as well. When I explained this to my FIDM Advisor, he told me that the major would give me the best of both worlds.

leoniekitty: My FIDM admissions advisor sent this to me via mail and had just arrive today
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LF: I am really proud of my FIDM education. I really believe that I owe my my understanding of garment construction and fit to Ms. Fischer, my patternmaking teacher. I also took a lot away as far as flat sketching and communication to sewers and factories. When you work with overseas factories, the communication through language can have its barriers but if you understand how to communicate what you want through sketching then you are all set!

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I started the day with Professional Practices taught by one of my favorite general ed teachers, Surdo, whom I also took my Effective Speaking class with back in my 2nd quarter.

Funny thing about him – it was not my intention at all to take his class in the first place. I had heard that he was one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) Effective Speaking instructors, so I naturally chose to take the nicest and most forgiving teacher, who was called Tubbs. The day just before the quarter started, I went on the Portal to check where my classes where going to be, when I suddenly saw his name where Tubbs’ name should have been. Deluding myself into believing that this was just a glitch on part of technology, I went into my first Effective Speaking class clutching on to the last hope that nice Mrs. Tubbs would be at the front of the room with a smile on her face.
That morning, I was instead greeted by a gruff middle-aged man with a heavy Chicago dialect, and I knew, at that instant, that I was in for quite a ride. From my 10 week course with Surdo at the beginning of my FIDM journey, I was coached to become more than just an “effective” speaker, but also a well-rounded communicator and ultimately, a stronger person. The importance of verbal aptitude, body language, and a genuine and positive personality were values that became wholly ingrained into my professional and personal philosophies. In that sense, they were the cornerstones that solidified and grounded the technical skills that I had and had yet to learn.

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My FIDM Experience - Chapter IV

I was fortunate to make my FIDM visit the day of the "What Makes an Academy Award Costume?" workshop held in conjunction with the Oscar exhibit. Alan Armstrong, from FIDM's theater design faculty, gave a delightfully anecdotal lecture on designing costumes for film, partly oriented to discourage anyone from pursuing this field without the proper level of insanity. After giving an overview of the qualifications for becoming a film designer and its particular rewards ("You won't have time to have children but that's okay because you'll be working with actors..."), Alan talked about several individual designers and their work (complete with horror stories). Finally, he described the FIDM exhibit coordination and highlights, and conducted a tour of the display.