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As Michael ran and gave his cousin a big hug, Creviston helped him take off his coat, to display his t-shirt, which read, “My cousin is a Marine.”

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My best friend, who's like my sister, got married in April last year, to her boyfriend who's in the Air Force. They had been together for 2 years. They started dating right after he got out of tech school. They are stationed in D.C. I constantly get phone calls about how much she misses everyone and how homesick she is because it's just her and him. They had to miss christmas this year because they couldn't afford to come home. She had to get a job and quit school because they couldn't afford to live on just his income. He's a Senior Airman, so he makes decent money, your daughters boyfriend will only be a private out of boot camp, if my best friend and her husband can't live off his income, your daughter and her boyfriend would definitely not be able to live off his income. That's just regular day to day life, deployments really test a marriage. Her husband thankfully is non-deployable, he's in the honor guard. but my cousin is a Marine and has deployed twice. His wife has said that it is the toughest thing to go through, it's lonely, especially if you live away from your family. Sure they can make phone calls now, getting to actually talk to them keeps your mind at ease, but its still really lonely and can test a marriage. Especially with them being so young. My advice to her is to wait, they've been together for 8 months? Definitely wait, divorce is nasty, and who know what will happen while he's gone. Feelings change, especially after high school. If they really are set on getting married, then they can wait, if they want to be together for the rest of their lives, they can wait a couple of months until he gets stationed.

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Listen, my cousin is a Marine captain currently serving his time in Iraq–I don’t resent him for this incident. The issue with this horrendous video is not anti-troop sentiment. We support our troops. We are freaked about PTSD. We are horrified that we are destroying our boys’ souls with a war that we shouldn’t have started.

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@: Well for some Pvt Snuffy’s, that is not true. My cousin is a marine, deployed to Afghan in early Dec, expected to be there for at least a year but was pulled out by Christmas.
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the costs are known. aquariums know. most will not even keep them they are so expensive. (i happen to have had this conversation with knowledgeable folks. my cousin is a marine biologist and i took an econ class way back on fisheries management)

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Dan – my cousin had twins at 49. Yes. Twins. My cousin is a marine biologist by education, real estate guru, outdoor adventurist, and girl scout leader. Energy? She’s got it in spades!